domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

JORD wood watch - Ely in Maple

Hey guys!

Today I have somewhat of a different post for you, it's a lifestyle / fashion kind of situation where you'll get to see more of me than my nails :)

I have been sent a gorgeous wood watch to review by the kind people of JORD, and I am going to introduce it to you today.

First and foremost let me tell you that I never ever wear watches. EVER. I did for a while when I was a teen but I just got used to checking the time at my computer screen... well, because I am pretty much plugged in all day every day.

At work, I have been told that a watch is a great fashion statement and while I do agree with that I don't feel the need to wear one. It's just the way I was made, I guess. However, when I scrolled through what Jord had to offer I told myslelf "why not?". These watches are gorgeous and different from anything out there, and that last part is the one that had me. Yeah, I am a "different person" kind of breed.

I asked for the Ely model in Maple color (find it here) because I wanted something neutral that would go with everything. When it arrived, the presentation was just fab: Ely was safe inside a little wooden box engraved with the symbol of the brand, wrapped around a little embroided cushion and with a wooden tag attached to it. Just look at it:

I had to had it sized because I managed to mess around with the sizing guide I was sent by the Jord people, but keep in mind they usually do it for you so that you can skip this step and wear your watch right away!

And believe it or not, I have been wearing this beauty to work often, and also on the weekends. When I am plugged in I use to take it off, and I put it back on whenever I leave my office to meet a client or at my lunch break. It is nice not to have to take my phone out of my purse to check the time, and more so when I tend to do it compulsively as a side effect from stress, hee hee!

Here's an overview of Ely and I at work:

My thoughts:

It is a great quality watch, subtle yet eye-catching because of the wooden material. I am sure I will wear it quite often because it matches pretty much all my wardrobe :) The shipping was fast as a lightning and the care and attention put by Jord people was exquisite. It is a very pleasant addition!

What do YOU think?


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miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014

Kiko Quik Dry 380 - Metallic Blue

Hola lovers *wink*

Go fug Yourself anyone? It's hilarious, I just love the girls behind that blog and their magnificent brains. I guess if I happened to be a J-Lo fan I would be slightly pissed at them, but I ain't so... that's what you get!
[note: "hola lovers" is always the first line about Mrs. Lopez at Go Fug Yourself, no matter if it's fug or fab, they can't help it].

Today's post is a NOTD and I am not even on holidays. I'll be honest though, it's not bravery on my side; it's just that 1/2+ the people at my firm are on holidays so... BUT I did have a couple conversations with a Founding Partner at the Firm and he didn't say a thing. Was he thinking loudly? I don't know; not loud enough, I guess? We'll never know.

Actually, I've been re-reading some of my older posts and I seem to be very concerned about my nails, the Firm and the two combined together. And I am starting to think that the person who's most concerned about the color of my nails is actually... me? And possibly no one else gives a shit about it? But I digress.

The bad boys that I am rocking are an easy combination of Kiko Quick Dry 380 - Metallic Blue and white stripes. Now, let's get serious because there is something y'all need to know: the color payoff on Metallic Blue is S.P.E.C.T.A.C.U.L.A.R. The pictures don't do it justice, this polish just glows like crazy and is a true eye-catcher. Find it, buy it.
This is two coats of it on its own. Again, this pictures are dull in comparison to the actual color, but I couldn't do better. 
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make out with Metallic Blue for a while... don't mind me.

Be fierce :)


lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

Rouge Louboutin revamped - Embossed nail art

Well hello there!

So... wearing Rouge Louboutin on its own wasn't really as much of an orgasmic feeling as I had hoped, mostly because it's: Please, don't get to my jugular just yet, I know it's harsh of me to say but I think it's true.

When I get a luxurious item it's because it has a special something and certainly not because it's an all cap commercial for the brand. I find it stupid to jiggle around in town with a purse that has whatever-brand all over it, it makes me feel like a living merchandising machine and I ain't even paid for it. Nobody got time for that! But that's just me, I get that and I respect whatever makes you happy, hands down.

With that said, what makes a polish luxurious to me is its wow factor: special color, amazing duochrome/multichromeness, great finish, fine mix of glitters, new effect and what have you. Rouge Louboutin is just red, dude. A nice red packed in the most jaw breaking packaging ever.

So after I had worn it for a whole day I was about to take it off and I thought to myself: it's the only time you'll wear Rouge Louboutin because you want to keep the bottle intact, and it's not even going to last a miserable two days? Pas possible.

I had just received some silver nail stickers that fitted right in there... so here's what I came up with:
Pretty basic, but it kicked ass! I don't know, it feels more luxurious to me anyways. What do you think about it?


sábado, 9 de agosto de 2014

My Louboutin stilettos - Rouge Louboutin or the ultimate nail polish luxury

Hey you!

I am a fan of Mr. Louboutin's work, though usually from an artistic point of view. His heels designs are beautiful and glamorous and almost always synonym of a broken ankle to me. I love them from afar nevertheless.

So when the news came out that Louboutin would make nail polish I just thought MEH. Then I saw the pictures of the packaging and it was a whole other story. The packaging, my darlings, is killing my sensible heart and eyes. It may be the best product packaging I've seen in my whole life, maybe the forms and colors he's used are very appealing to me, maybe it's just objectively beautiful. I don't know, and I don't care. I just needed this to be the jewel of my nail polish collection... and a couple of days and Eur. 57 later, it is!

I always said I'd swatch this baby once and then leave it lead its magnificent legacy, reigning over all the other bottles in my stash, and it will not be hard to keep my word.
The color is gorgeous, and almost a one coater. Formula is bliss. I guess short nails would be fine with just one coat of this red liquid, but my stilettos needed two. Even then, there's a tiny teeny bit on VNL showing, but not enough to bother me.

What did bother me was the wand. It is probably meant to imitate Chinese and Japanese ink painting brushes, and I can tell some thought has been put into it because the weigh is quite well compensated at the beginning and the end. BUT if I may have one suggestion for Louboutin's thinking team, in all my humility and nothingness, it would be: please, get us some detachable caps. Some other brands do, and it's really for the best.

It may be just me, but this long and heavy wand made the process of painting my nails quite hard. I haven't been reading this on other nail blogs and I didn't expect it to be this way but... it was. I did a mess on my left hand like I hadn't done in... years, maybe? Clean up sorted it all, no probs. But I'd rather not do clean up, if I can help it.
All in all, I'm 150% happy to have splurged with this, because I know I will visually enjoy seeing this around for all eternity. I will have it in a shelf in my office, where I spend most of my time, because I think it will be THE statement piece to define me. I may also get a couple of the Noirs/Pops so it isn't that lonely... we'll see about that!

I bought this off of Louboutin's website and it took just 2 days to reach me from Italy, in a very thoughtful package. I was marvelled by the whole thing. What about you?

Be fierce,


lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

Map Nails - Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Map it Out nail decals

Well hello there :)

I am listening to Beethoven's Moonlight sonata, trying to find the right words for this post and I am speechless... Not Cheryl Cole kinda speechless, though. Have you noticed that E.V.E.R.Y. time she uses that word on the X-Factor it just means her ears are bleeding?

I managed to get a NOTD today *patting myself in the back* I am quite proud of ma' nailsies today... here are some map nails:
Those are really idiot proof, which is exactly what I needed after a shameful lot of weeks in a row with no nail art on. EXCEPT for a dainty arrow I did for a beach music festival where 20,000 people could obviously not see my nails, because they were only looking at David Guetta. I know, strange.

This set was done using Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Map it Out water decals; they were sent to me by Lisa at Lozlosa [thanks again dear!] and were damn easy to use. What I didn't realize the first time was that the background is clear, so you really need to wear undies if you have long + stained nails like I do. D'UH. I tried my hand a second time over Orly Au Champagne and... voilà!
I am proud. Can you tell? CAN YOU?!

I am seriously digging the concept of this. It was easy and not even as close to messy as I had thought. I'd love to find me some of those when I'll be in the U.S. in a few weeks' time... I will be lost in a teeny tiny town called Starke, though. Do you think they have Rite Aid in Starke? Do you know Starke? Is winter coming?

Florida in August? Yeah! Just count me in. I'll be a sweaty mama... but my nails will be fierce, so I guess not everything is lost ;)

Take care,


lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

Marine manicure

Hello darlings!

Is everybody rockin'? 

Over here it's smoking hot! I'm on an important trial against bad bad guys and I feel like a superhero. I need a badass name now... M the Nailtastic? Nail them all? Hail the Nail?

Besides that, I had some creativity burst on Friday and decided to have a marine themed mani and wear it for a barbecue. Because fuck it. 

The base is Chanel Azuré, which is gorgeous on its own, so glowy! and then I did some needle marbling-swirling on my middle finger, and added a shell stud which is absolutely adorable. It's the 5mm one, in case you're wondering. on the other nails I just added some hex glitter here and there to make it iridescent and fun.
Keep it up!

domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

Maybelline falsies in Triple Dipper. The Galactic nailporn goddess look...

Hey there!

It's been *ages* since I last posted... in fact, I think this one is the first free weekend that I've had in around 10 weeks. I am not complaining though, I've been doing productive stuff like writing an article on a subject no one cares about or preparing for a big trial that I think will make the local news. Yikes!

I have SO MANY projects though, and the big question is: will they see the light [of this blog]? Suspense..! What will surely, doubtlessly & definitely catch the light of your screen will be my purple hair. Soon. Very soon. I have already purchased two glorious shades of purple, and will dye my hair as soon as I leave the office towards those 3 amazing holiday weeks. It'll be around August, so stay tuned for this if it's something you consider losing a couple minutes of your lives with ;)

For now, I will show you what I wore yesterday at a birthday dinner :) First off, one of my two pairs of galaxy leggings. Best buy ever. And as I was in a rush because I had been a lazy bum all afternoon, I just glued on a set of falsies that I had been saving for such an occasion: Maybelline ColorShow false nails in Triple Dipper. Glorious neon nail porn, before your very eyes...
As I said, NEON! Admittedly this is a super fake look, but there's always a time where a girl likes to be crazy, or at least I know I do. Those have a considerable length but were very easy to apply, long-lasting and very comfortable. They come in all sorts of sizes and I had no problem whatsoever finding the correct ones for my piggies :) me likes that. They're not re-usable though, because once you lift them to take them off they will start deforming and flattening... so sad!

Not everything was in your face with me yesterday. I wore bed head, simple make-up, a very cute MAC lipstick (Chatterbox) and a very nice top that I bought off Sheinside to tone it all down...
Be bad & wonderful...