lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

Map Nails - Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Map it Out nail decals

Well hello there :)

I am listening to Beethoven's Moonlight sonata, trying to find the right words for this post and I am speechless... Not Cheryl Cole kinda speechless, though. Have you noticed that E.V.E.R.Y. time she uses that word on the X-Factor it just means her ears are bleeding?

I managed to get a NOTD today *patting myself in the back* I am quite proud of ma' nailsies today... here are some map nails:
Those are really idiot proof, which is exactly what I needed after a shameful lot of weeks in a row with no nail art on. EXCEPT for a dainty arrow I did for a beach music festival where 20,000 people could obviously not see my nails, because they were only looking at David Guetta. I know, strange.

This set was done using Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Map it Out water decals; they were sent to me by Lisa at Lozlosa [thanks again dear!] and were damn easy to use. What I didn't realize the first time was that the background is clear, so you really need to wear undies if you have long + stained nails like I do. D'UH. I tried my hand a second time over Orly Au Champagne and... voilà!
I am proud. Can you tell? CAN YOU?!

I am seriously digging the concept of this. It was easy and not even as close to messy as I had thought. I'd love to find me some of those when I'll be in the U.S. in a few weeks' time... I will be lost in a teeny tiny town called Starke, though. Do you think they have Rite Aid in Starke? Do you know Starke? Is winter coming?

Florida in August? Yeah! Just count me in. I'll be a sweaty mama... but my nails will be fierce, so I guess not everything is lost ;)

Take care,


15 comentarios:

  1. OMG You're still alive and by the sound of it - you're very well too ;-)
    I totally love your map nails and the general spirit of this post! You go girl!! Have fun in the US and do something creative!!

    1. Giiiiirl! I think I am back! haha ;) Said that a lot of times, I know! I am glad you finally posted again, I am so happy for you though! New collection! And what a collection, too! All the colors look just awesome! *hugs*

  2. very pretty. Love the map idea for something new. Love it!

  3. These are awesome! And the whole post was a fun read. :)

  4. Whooo it's so great to see you! <3 Hope your summer is going well so far. Your trip sounds fun, though very warm hehe. :) I'm sure they have RiteAid (who doesn't), but you can check store locations on RiteAid's website, to be sure. Oh my gosh, I love your mani! They were easy to apply, you say? Cause they look awesome enough to be hard. Enjoy your trip! :D

    ~ Yun

    1. :D Thank you, honey! I haven't even started with my holidays yet! Yours?

      This was honesylu easy peasy! You shopuld try them if you have the chance!

  5. Aww great to see you back!
    haha I would totally ignore David Guetta and look at your nails instead xD They're waaaay too cool <3 Water Decals are the best thing ever, right? I was so blown away by my first ones, how easy to use they were and how awsome they look :D The map nails are a great idea I think, love the concept as well ^.^

    1. Thank you, hun! ^^ You're so sweet! They are the best thing ever, these were my first and I reacted just like you! I need them all now :p I guess there's brand differences though... Have you tried the Born Pretty Store ones? They have tons of nice designs and I might splurge if you tell me they're worth my money...

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