domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Kiko Sun Pearl Nail Lacquer nº 428 River Green

Hello my fellow polishaholics!

I am here today with the second polish of the new Sun Pearl lacquers recently released by Kiko. And let me tell you, I am very excited about this collection so far! I may get me the two I am missing sooner than later ;)

Today's post features this amazing turquoise green called River Green. Jusr like its sibling, I could have gotten away with only one coat, but I did two because my religion compels me to. 
My thoughts on this one are clear: I've been loving every second I have worn it. What about you?


miércoles, 24 de abril de 2013

ABC Challenge: Letter P - Pink, Orly Miss Conduct

Hello you!

Okay so the story goes like this: last week, I was ahead of my game and had not one but two takes for letter O. This week, however, I feel like a sad copycat because the mani I set aside was posted by an amazing lady as her letter O. I am thus posting something you've all already seen...

HOWEVER I hope the awesomeness packed inside Orly's Miss Conduct (Pink) will impulse you to stay a little more and take a look at my pictures :p Beware, I had to add my own twist. And as a friend of mine say: "if you do something, then do it big". No wonder he did, as he is sleeping in jail now... but that's another story. I simply added my dearest snake to the photoshoot, take a look:
What you see is two coats of Orly Miss Conduct + TC. Let me tell you: I am impressed. This polish is dead gorgeous and has easily made it to my top ten faves of all times. I have taken a closer look to its siblings (Naughty or Nice Collection) and haven't found a decent comparison. Too bad... I'd happily buy this one in every.Possible.Shade.

Take care!


lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

KIKO Sun Pearl Nail Lacquer - 430, Chili Pepper Red

Hey there!

I will break my post/week routine and do something reckless today: post on Monday. Yeah, brace yourselves... Whatever. I am wearing this gorgeous polish today and I can't wait to show it off. This is Kiko Sun Pearl Nail Lacquer in nº 430, Chili Pepper Red. 

I thought it was a good thing to keep up with in-your-face colours, and this is the closest color I have ever encountered to a red neon polish. It is even brighter in real life, it just screams RED.
This last (blurry) picture is the most color accurate. Can you see the little shimmery particles in there? The perfect summer red. 

I have been wearing this to work, because WTF it's red and nobody can tell me I am not being corporate. Funny thing, I had a closing today and I could see the Notary staring at my claws when signing the pledge papers. I felt like a bicth ready to kick ass. You know what? I felt like I could grab the counterparty's lawyer by its tie and smash his sexist face on the pledge deeds. And print, print, print the clauses on his sweaty forehead. His big and neverending forehead. But hey, with Chili Pepper Red on my nails, ain't nobody got time for this.

Take care,


miércoles, 17 de abril de 2013

ABC Challenge: Letter O - Orange & Neon summery manicure!

Hello there!

Have you noticed how summer is slowly settling in? Barcelona is blooming right now, and that led me to sport my first extra girly summer manicure ^^

Today letter O stands for Orange. But heck, I felt like adding a touch of neon pink in there... And rhinestone stars... and even a pair of flip flops on my thumbs! Those two were ripped off when putting my stockings though :p they litterally never saw the light of day.

Warning: the neon pink looks über faded in my pictures. It's honestly a pink able to rip off your retina just by looking at it. Crazy shit I am in love with...
That orange color is two coats of Leticia Well 516, the neon pink is two coats of Nfu Oh FS12 over two coats of white. The stars are quick eBay buys, great value for money. I am reconsidering calling it EvilBay, with my 93 purchases already... Jeeze!

Lastly, let me specially thank Mr. and Ms. Bamboo for making this manicure possible, as they gave me the orange polish and the nail decorations :) Both are great additions to my collection! 



miércoles, 10 de abril de 2013

ABC Challenge: Letter N - Nfu-Oh number 51


Today's star is Nfu-Oh 51 revisited BUT I must warn you: those pictures do not do it justice at all! See the fuchsia flakies? They shine louder and prouder on the nail at all times. Hopefully you'll get the idea of how it really is with those pictures ;)

For this I used one coat of Illamasqua Faux Pas and one coat of Nfu-Oh 51. I wasn't able to remove it on Sunday so... I am wearing it to work! And guess what? I had forgot I'd see the maximum boss of my whole department today, coming specially from Madrid to meet us. Eish, hopefully he'll be open-minded and like such a brilliant combo!

By the way, the winner of the 100 posts giveaway is Netti, who has been successfully contacted! :) Thanks to all of you who participated!

Sur ce, je vous laisse! As always, I am in a rush..! 

Take care,


miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

ABC Challenge: Letter M - Kiko Mirror effect Violet (nº 621)

Hello Ladies,

Today for letter M of this ABC Challenge I'll be featuring one of Kiko's Mirror polishes, nº 621 in Violet. I've been holding those pictures specifically for today, and I am proud I've been able to hold for so long :) In case you didn't know, I am the impatient kind of gal. Okay, maybe work has helped a little, but I won't say thanks for that... 

I remember application being a little tricky, but that's normal with mirror effect polishes. Just remember to be extra careful when applying it, and take your time. My ring finger nail is lost under 3+ coats of polish because I couldn't avoid streaks from showing for the life of me. Yup, that's not the one to pick if you're in a hurry and want your claws to look amazing... I learnt that the hard way. What a HUGE relief the pictures were taken before the crime!

LAST CALL for those of you who haven't entered my 100 posts giveaway yet :) It's ending tomorrow, so hurry up!


lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Holiday manicure. First attempt at vintage freehanded roses.

Hey there!

Happy easter ^^ I hope you enjoyed your time. I did a whole lot of nothing and it felt darn good. The Boyfriend and I spent four days near the beach, far from Barcelona where not even work can reach you... Jeeze, I can't believe it's over!

I thought I'd be productive and fill in my archives with pretty pictures of intricated nail art, but you're looking at the one manicure I've done during these holidays. Whatever, I am proud of it. It was my first time freehanding vintage roses. Heck, it was my first time freehanding anything on my nails! 


For this manicure I've used Kiko Celebration LE in Blush as a base, and then added some fun as follows:
- the pink dots and the darker pink on the roses is Kiko Celebration LE in Pearly Pink Iguana [I doubt that morph of iguana actually exists, but that name makes it sound just like the ultimate lizard!]
- my middle finger and the dots on my pinky have been done using Cina Glaze Sun-Kissed
- the darker part of the leaves are done with Sfera Mariana
- the lighter pink and green were obtained by mixing the color with Kiko Blush

Whatcha say?

Now that gave me a good kick to keep on going with freehanding stuff, and I wonder what should I attempt next. Mind you, before you give me any suggestion... I get frustrated quite easily. Hence, replicating Magritte's Golconde or Las Meninas by Velazquez is out of the question. For now. I am sure we'll find a lot of interesting things to disfigure in between *evil laugh*

Take care,