jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

Kiko Haul. Sugar Mat Collection. Mirror Collection. Celebration Collection.


This haul has made my day, hands down. (Click on it to enlarge!)
A little precision is needed though. I wish all this was for me, but it isn't. The story goes like this: I took a look at Kiko's website yesterday, with my friend Sara, and realized I had missed not one but three collections! What a pity? No, what a miracle! Polish orgy. Polishgasm. Plénitude

Of course, I needed to go and see by myself ASAP so I dedicated today's lunch break to it. I took another glimpse at the site in order to lust a little more and... BAM! Printable 20% off coupon. Off everything, might I add.

I immediately thought about my dearest Jin, mailed her and... Well, one thing led to another. She wanted the entire Sugar Mat collection and some back ups. I wanted some Sugar Mats, some Mirrors, some Celebration polishes and one regular nude base. That's that.

So actually 60% of what you see is leaving for a loving home in Israël soon. Yes. I am a cheater like that!


miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

ABC Challenge: Letter H - Holographic, Pupa no. 033 (Part 2)

Aloha everyone!

I'll admit I started to freak out about letter H. I was not ahead of my game, and a fearlessly rocked a manicure this weekend (that I'll show you later on) completely unrelated to letter H. I gave it a long thought, trying to do some language engineering so I could post about it today... but everything was too acrobatic to be accepted. So I even resigned myself to not post anything this week... Until I remebered I had some archives! [speedy neurons, ya.]

Thus, this is a manicure from the vault that was not meant to see the light of the bogging world. It's the Part 2 of a manicure I showed you back in 2012, that you can see here. It's my right hand so please bear with me.
As you can see it was all about contrast. The base is Pupa Holographic in no. 033 and the central lines are done with regular blue rhinestones purchased off eBay. The pictures are crappy crappy and I wasn't able for the life of me to take a decent picture of my right hand. What a shameful pose, ha! Whatever, you get the gist of it.

Take care!


miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

ABC Challenge: Letter G - OPI Goldeneye

Hey there :)

I have a quickie for you today, work is calling me already and I need tu rush! This installment of the ABC Challenge will be featuring two polishes that were given to me as a present this Christmas ^^ For letter G I chose OPI Goldeneye, that a friend brought me from the USA, and I paired it with Sally Hansen Blue it!

I had seen tons of pictures of Goldeneye but jeez... I was still surprised to see how in your face it is! I love gold for little nail art details and find it most appropriate for Christmas, but wearing it as a full mani at the beginning of February made me feel a little odd! So me and my dear striping tape covered it strategically with Blue it. Problem solved! 
Be bad and rock those claws of yours!


lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013

Color Club Winter Affair

Hello there!

I hope you're doing FAB :) Today's will be a quick post about a great polish that I won on a giveaway hosted by my internet friend Jenni ^^ I am so happy I did, I am not an especially lucky girl so this was a great surprise! I actually think the last time I won something was 5 years ago, a DVD player my local supermarket gave me on whatever-occasion-it-was' contest. Phew! Who wants a DVD player when you can have FREE POLISH?! :p

Winter affair is a dark burgundy base filled with lots of shimmery particles, mostly burgundy but you can see some dark blue in there too. Formula was great, and I wore it for five days of work (main activity: typing) without any issue. It behaved perfectly well. Can you believe this is my first Color Club polish ever? You can't find them around here, and that makes this polish even more special to me.
This shade is perfect for this time of the year, when cold is still here but the sun peeks out and warms us here and there. Vampy but not too dark, still serious, work-safe and sexy. What do you think?


miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2013

ABC Challenge: Letter F - NOPI Fanatical Fuchsia

Heya Ladies!

How are you doing since last week's post? I know I am missing in action here, even though I try to comment as much as possible in all your lovely blogs... I should probably start my post with "Hi. My name is M. and I am a workaholic"... Bear with me ;)

Today's post features NOPI Fanatical Fuchsia as a base, another pretty that came back from Berlin with me and that I honestly didn't expect to like that much! It has a clearly visible blue shimmer that gives it a permanent glow and makes it quite special. Take a look:
And next is the mix n' match mani I wore to a barbecue  party last weekend (yay, my inspiration is back!) and that I honestly loved! Everything is done with some hex glitter I bough off eBay [Warning: way cheaper than Born Pretty Store & co. glitters because they aren't really hexagonal... they're just a little messy] and Nfu-Oh nº 51 (new formula) on top of the "bare" nails.
Then I went to see Mama, the terror movie, and realized you can be dead and still rock some talons. Good to know. Have you seen the movie? If so, admit you also noticed that length! If not... here you go:

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

ABC Challenge: Letter E - Express Nails nº 201


How's everything in lacquer-land? For my part, I have to admit I have been a boring polishaholic lately. Almost no nail art in sight, and what is worrying me the most is that even if I want to rock in-your-face manicures in social events I feel too lazy to put my brains at work in designing something bold. My creative side seems to be on vacation!

Obviously, what's left to me in these conditions is to enjoy simple plain manicures. Oh, and keep trying all those goodies I brought back from Berlin! Next is Express Nails in number 201 (over one coat of China Glaze Gothic Lolita):
This polish was GOR. GEOUS. Crazy shine, proud pink shimmer and such a bright metallic-like purple..! I will wear this again, and more than once! 

That's it for today. I am sorry to be dragging you across the nail art desert, I guess I'll be back soon with it, so stick with me. Meanwhile, have a nice week ^^