martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

First swatch. Fail swatch.

Aloha! :)

I was recently contacted by Born Pretty Store to review a couple of their products of my choice. If you scroll down, you'll see I picked some Ferrari nail stickers. The question you should be asking yourself right now is: "why?" ("wtf" and funny faces are also accepted as good remarks). I have no idea! I thought it might be fun, I guess. And it has been so, but in a different way than I imagined...

First off: this is what you get if you order this item in number 103 (they're on sale right now, in case you're still on to take this amazing trip to nonsense-land after this post). Two ranges of 8 different sized stickers, with different patterns. The main question of this post, you'll have noticed by now, is: WHY? And again, I have no idea!
As the offered sizes didn't match my nails and I was way too lazy to cut the stickers in the right shape I decided to do a simple accent nail with it. Thumbs up ;)
Now my comments are the following: (i) this is a VIP sticker; you nail has to be freakin' huge for the sticker to fit completely. (ii) it has not been designed for curved nails; you can easily see how the sticker could not lay even and smooth. Hence the fail. Keep watchin'.
This is the final result of carefully applying the sticker on my thumb, after pulling (and thus slightly deforming) the sticker. Yuck.
Sorry, you can't un-see now! 
I decided to give it a second chance, on my middle finger this time. Slightly better, but still shameful. I mean, honest, would you walk out the door with this on?
Needless to say this product was sent to me for my honest review; I think I've been the original M. you all know, no sugar added. I wouldn't repurchase this. BUT if your nails are flat you will probably be luckier than me with them.

Take care y'all!


martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

Bluetiful 51.

Mid-week post! :)

Today I am showing you the combo I rocked this weekend, for it was quite a social weekend and I felt the urge to show off. I'm kidding; but I have a reputation to mantain :p

As you can see I used Essence I'm Bluetiful as a base and topped it off with Nfu-Oh 51, courtesy of my dearest Jin (to my knowledge this Nfu-Oh 51 is the revisited version; Jin will correct me if I am wrong). As you can see, the contrast was pretty obvious, and so were the gorgeous flakies of Nfu-Oh 51! I saw mostly pink, but it shifted to green and blue in some angles :) Amazing! Sadly, I wasn't able to capture those colors in my pictures...
I am still a fan of symmetry (I had the same design on both hands) but I've come to love the mix'n'match manis like this one, where each finger sports a different design. How do you like it?
And BTW, I noticed this mani accidentallty matched EXACTLY the blue dress I was wearing on Saturday night! Check it out:
Yay! ^^ I enjoyed this one a lot! 


domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

Essence - I'm bluetiful

Hey ho!

How are you all doing? I just realized we're in mid November already, time does fly. That brings to mind something my mother used to tell me as a child, at the end of my summer holidays, when I started feeling the urge to go back to school. She said: "make the most of every moment, for time goes by and you don't even notice... And you'll see, it gets even faster when you're an adult". I'm not saying I am an adult already (hee hee) but I know now she was right, for entire weeks pass in the blink of an eye.

Anyhow, after granny's ramblings here is Essence - I'm bluetiful! It's a gorgeous periwinkle blue with big chunks of silver particles scattered all around. This is two coats + top coat.
The base color is gorgeous, I can't have enough of those. But as you see, the silver particles are huge. Too big for my taste, So in summary: I am no fan of this one. I'd rather they were smaller and subtler... This gives like a "dirty" effect to the polish in my opinion. I'll pass!

Remember: tic toc, tic toc! ;) Enjoy your time, Ladies!


miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

OPI DS Mystery

Buenos días!
How’s this week going? It’s Wednesday already *dance* I just can’t believe it…
For this week I’ve decided to sport the second OPI Designer Series Jenni swapped me, DS Mystery. It’s perfect for fall/winter, it’s vampy and sexy (hello, complimenting myself here!) and quite changing depending on the lightning.

It’s given me a hard time capturing its beauty. It happens to be less dark in some lights, leaning a tad more to a darkened burgundy. The base is (surprisingly) a nearly-black blue, filled with burgundy-brown and copper flakies that totally cover up the base. They have no problem shining; they’re proud but not loud. They are visible enough to evidence it’s not a dull black polish, and that’s what makes this polish on the edge of work-safe and super flattering for a suited up woman, IMO.
I spent a couple of seconds doubting about having this on my nails for a full week at work, considering it might be too dark to please some conservative pupils of this office I work in… And then remembered Chanel featured nothing less than black polish in some of its advertisements (take a look at and went for it. I haven’t had second thoughts since then; it felt only classy to me.
So I am thinking maybe we nail polish lovers end up losing the sight of what is edgy and what isn’t, just because there’s nothing (or almost nothing) we wouldn’t wear. And more so when even the more “conservative” bloggers color-wise can’t help but be astonished by some totally unconventional and non work-safe colors. So I have decided to worry less about what’s on my nails, starting on January 2013, and enjoy every color by making it classy. Boss displeased? No wonder he’ll let me know. And problem solved.

Would you dare this at work? Are you allowed to wear anything you like?


domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

OPI DS Temptation


Long time no see; how are you? Have you been rocking the world while I was out? 

In order to make a more than decent comeback I decided to wear OPI DS Temptation and show it (off) to all of you. I got it in the mail last Tuesday because the lovely Jenni from I Relish Nail Polish offered to send it to me, and I was like HELL YEAH! Let me say this: polishgasm. This is such a rich glitter that I haven't been able to stop staring at my nails and I can't make my mind as to take it off. I obviously can't go to work with it tomorrow *sigh* but I'll make the most of it until last minute tonight. Yum ^^
My camera freaked out a little with this lady (totally expected with purple), I'd say it leans a little less to blue IRL; that purple glitter is just so bright! There are also some teal, blue and gold glitter particles that do really stand out and shine at any tiny little ray of sun. It's magical! Those pictures do not do it justice, I am afraid. I got as close to it as I could, but I wish you could see it through my eyes... I guess you'll have to get that beauty on your nails and see for yourselves!

Thanks again, Jenni! I am so happy to have this gorgeous glitterbomb in my stash ^^ 

Side note: if you don't know Jenni, you should stop by her blog, I promise you won't regret it; she rocks!

Enjoy your Sunday!


domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Catrice Dirty Berry

Well hi there!

How are you all doing? I hope you're all safe, standing on your two feet and under your own roof after Sandy messed it up badly. 
I've had an introspective weekend where I though I'd work on my nails aswell as on myself, but it turns out I am a sucker and totally neglected my nails. Sorry for that. Anyhow, I wanted to buy some nice stuff for Discordia's cage last week (i. e. some plants, nice caves and fancy objects to brighten up her viv; not that she actually bothers, but I do because she lives in my studio after all) and went to a specialized shop at the end of the world for that, only to find the shop was closed on a Saturday afternoon. I made a mental note: most reptile shops SUCK big time, I'll need to focus in on-line shopping. 

What the hell does this have to do with nails? Well, since that shop was closed, I asked The Boyfriend to kindly take me to a nail polish store that wasn't (evil smile). After 6 new polishes, I was happy again, yay! One of my finds was Catrice Dirty Berry:
Those pictures do it partial justice only, because I wasn't able to fully capture the shiny micro-particles that give it that dusty look, which reflect blue, pink, green and silver in the sun. I hope you can see what I am talking about in that last macro-shot.

Have a nice Monday, if that is even possible ;)