domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Blog on slow motion.

Hey there!

How are you doing? I hope you're savouring the last hours of your weekend, for the ones who get to work tomorrow. I do, if you were wondering.
I bought 5 Barry M back then in London, and couldn't make my mind on which one to try first. I didn't need to decide, after all.

In fact, this isn't really a polish-related post. I am here to make some excuses, because I am going to be unfaithful to you all, on the next few weeks. I have a shitload of work, because I am finishing the Criminal Code edition, which is a sort of bonus added to my regular work.

And I have a new flatmate since yesterday, it's a Ghost Corn snake called Discordia, and I am dedicating part of my free time to look over her, helping her get acclimated to her new house (let's say mansion, in proportion to her) and facing my new responsibilities. I'm not a mom, I'm a tutor... I'm totally fucktarded.

So all in all I decided I will only post on Wednesdays, playing along with the Breast Cancer Awareness month, because it's worth it, and because I don't want to abandon this baby for anything. 

So keep rocking the world one manicure at a time, I'll see you around!


miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Short and Sassy

Buenas noches my darlings,

How's this week going? I am just brainfucking myself all the time, thinking it's already Thursday when it's obviously not the case. I keep disappointing my own little self since Tuesday. Which does not makes sense for I had my Monday off, and thus Tuesday ought to have been Monday. You know? Ha, gotcha! 

Anyhow, some of you complimented me saying red suited me quite good, and as I believed you I acted in consequence. I am wearing a gorgeous jelly-like blood red on my nails right now, BUT it's not the one I am showing you today. I'm just messy like that. And lazy on top, 'cuz the true reason is that my pictures are still on my camera, which is like 2m from me. Getting there would be exhausting, so here's a red from the vault!
China Glaze Short and Sassy, to serve you and oblige you. 2 coats + top coat. Those pics show some tipwear, I believe this was because I couldn't photograph that mani until after 4 days of wear (thanks Mother Nature for showing so much clemence, by the way). Ain't that bad, huh?

It went smooth and perfect. The color is gorgeous, deep and vibrant, and rich in the sun. A great velvety red for fall.

Today I realized no one can give a damn about my nails at work, because there is a true distractor. That's the positive thing. The bad part is that I'll need a shrink to recover from what I've seen. 
That guy showed up with a cobalt blue tie. Printed. With dragons. Oh my God. EPIC.

See you around.


domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

Pink striped blue


I hope your weekend was good! Mine was / is being just meh because we here in Barcelona have what we call a "bridge" (a Friday or Monday off, added to a regular weekend = a bridge), and I get to work 2 out of 3 days. 

So in order to cheer me up in those long hours of reading case laws, I decided to have something cool. I had never noticed that I am kind of drawn to combine blue and pink, but I am forced to face it is so when I take a look at my archive. I need to stop being so predictable ;)
This is two coats of Barry M Pink Flamingo and one coat of Kiko nº 300 Pearly Malachite Green. And a coat of Seche Vite, which kind of freaks me out now. Do you notice how it shrinked? My tips are already showing and there are some breakages in my index and middle fingers. Seriously, SV, I am warning you. I love you most dearly, but I won't stick with you at all costs. 

Any good alternative to the ever-shrinking SV?

Oh! I just remembered something that happened to me last year. At that time I thought "if I had a blog I'd post about that, hands down". I guess now is the time!

So the story goes like this: I was in London, and I had some free time. So I decided to walk around and give me one cool manicure. I had thought of a clear base and bright blue tips; funky french kind of stuff. My steps (and the subway) took me to Chelsea, where I found a little salon that was having a promo for manicures. I thought myself lucky at the time; I couldn't be more wrong. 
I entered, and was suprised when the lady told me they were about to close. Yeah, I had my Spanish schedules in mind (our shops close at 20h30), my bad. Well, she said I could have a plain mani, and I thought: let's go.
So I was made to sit in front of a young lady, she was totally inexperienced. I mean: TOTALLY. I picked a color and un-luckily the bottle was half empty. That girl, she looked like she was called Brenda, did an awful job. It was seriously the worse mani I have ever had. Counting the one a friend gave me a while back, and he was a man. 
So, as the bottle was half empty the brush came out half empty each time, and Brenda needed to dip it in the bottle several times per nail and coat. She turned the bottle upside down, and I can tell she struggled: she licked her lips just like children do when they are concentrated, you know? It was a deep effort there. The polish dragged, and pooled. In the end, I had half bald spots, so the color was not uniform at all. And Brenda's conversation was plain, and oh-so-boring! 
The worse thing was what she did between coats.


In each and every one of them, for Christ' sake. And when she thought she was done, she asked: are you happy? I was totally astonished, and kept looking for a hidden camera somewhere in there. Brenda looked like such a sweet and dumb lady that I said I was happy.

I paid 13 pounds for something I took up the minute I arrived to the hotel; you can tell I cried on the inside. And I was ashamed to hold myself to the bars in the subway, because anyone could see that mess. 
I can't believe I forgot the name of that salon...

With that said, have a nice week :)


jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

Fail mani. Episode 1.


How's everything? We're lusting over Friday, right? Unavoidable.

I wanted to complete today's cycle and crown the day with a fail post. I like harmony, in everything. Fail or fly. But I ain't flyin' today. 

That's a manicure I had high hopes in. I started with two coats of China Glaze liquid leather, and decided to go to an official English exam with it, having slept 4 hours. I don't know how I managed to pass, but I do remember the old owl I had as my examiner for the oral test. I think she didn't pay attention to anything I mentionned (share capital, right of first refusal and all that legal english chatter), she kept staring at my hands. At my nails. Either she was entering on a true zensation or she was deeply disapproving. Never mind; I passed.

Black was good but not really my cup of tea. So I decided to fuck it up and slapped one thick coat of pink over it, yay! And I didn't like it, so I kept insisting on having a true "yuck" manicure. You know, there are times when you see you're losing it and you can't help but keep on going. And slam your face on a wall. That's what happened. Metaphorically.
Oh! How about some pink rhinestones to finally kill the mani I had imagined? Well, how about some pink shut the fuck up?! [Hey babe!]
Have you realized even the colors of that first picture are pure distilled crap? 1 up.

Anyhow, what's done is done. And that has sure been joyfully removed!

See you,


sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

China Glaze Deviantly Daring

Hey there!

How are you all doing? I hope you're having a crazy weekend :) I am sorry to say that as my holidays are over I might go back to posting two times a week, which totally sucks. I am a bad blogger. But, you know, we'll manage. As in any relationship, you'll be all forgiveness at first and then, when my abandonment will be too hard, you'll demand my full attention, and I will realize how much I will have neglected you, unconscious and blind. I will apologize, and after a while the cycle will start again... Nah, I am a constant person, I promise. My friend Jin told me I was all about work today, and it might be so. Busy busy, the life of me. But I will stand by your side, I truly enjoy all this too much to walk away.

The sweet Jenni from I Relish Nail Polish has been so kind as to send me a couple of american polishes, as a sort of charity action (wink)! When I told her there was no China Glaze nor OPI here in Spain (at a decent price) and that I acquire all of 'em through eBay, she sympathized with the emptiness I felt deep down inside of me and decided to send me a couple of bottles. Thank you again, Jenni! You're amazing :)
ChG Deviantly Daring and OPI Dutch ya just love OPI

As soon as I woke up this morning I dressed up my nails with Deviantly Daring, which has fulfilled and even exceeded all my hopes. That polish is a true beauty, shiny and changing. What you see is two coats, but honestly I could have stopped after the first one. Ah, I am in love! 

I have made a long promenade today, hunting for a specialized pet shop. Went to three places, found nothing. The first two were actually closed forever. And let me tell you: that sucks. You close your shop, you close the website. Please.
Anyhow, I found not what I was looking for, but at least I had the chance to show that beauty off wherever I was. Win!

Keep it up!


lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Kiko Blueberry Glitter - nº 277

Hey there!

How are you? My holidays are over today, I thus went back to work. My stuff has been moved to the Criminal Law Department, and it feels good to be back. Not every Monday of the year has to be "yet another damn Monday", right? Yeah.

So here's Kiko Blueberry Glitter nº 277 for you today. It's lovely, isn't it? But, wait a second: *yells* what's that stupid name? "Glitter" seems a fair word to put in that polish name, but "blueberry"?! So, you see, after Kiko Peacock Green here comes Blueberry Glitter, which is next in The Stupid Names' Saga. Bravo, Kiko. I'm thrilled *throws confetti all over the place*

Anyhow, this is two coats with SV; nothing more, nothing less.
This was going to be the base for my chevron manicure, but my super tape super ripped it off. In other words, I wore this beauty for barely one day. A true shame. 

Okay, now for the next section parental advisory is absolutely needed. I know I have said in the past I was going to say something serious and after all it wasn't true. It ain't the case today. So, those who can get easily shocked: skip it. 
I was looking through the net and found that TV show, it's called "My Strange Addiction" and it's absolutely disgusting. But yeah, my stomach was empty and I didn't fear throwig out, so I went through some episodes' description and guess what? I found the ultimate nail polish addict. If you don't believe me and want to check out for yourself (I am warning again: if you doubt being able to stand it, skip it now. It's your last chance), watch the first seconds of this video:
[Please note that even if I am writing this in an humoristic tone, I think like any addiction this is a most serious issue that needs to be dealt with]. 

Take care now!


jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Chevron silver tips


How are you all doing? For once, I am going to say "it is Thursday already" with a *sad voice* My holidays are shrinking little by little, I still have three entire days ahead of me and I am starting to freak out. Boy, when I say I am versatile I wonder if I don't mean just dumb. But versatile sounds better. 
I prayed to go back to the Criminal Law Department for the past six months and now I am a little fearful. Just like when you look at a precipice: you want to look down and at the same time you're scared to. I want to work there, but I am not sure to fulfill the expectations of my boss. But hey, I can't fear a battle that hasn't started yet. And a friend of mine says: be a warrior. I will be an amazon.

That is the mani I wore to work on my last week in the Business Law Department. Yeah, just like that. Don't give me much credit though, the big bosses were all on holidays, I could therefore relax a little bit. 
 This is two coats of my beloved Catrice Heavy Metalilac (I can't have enough of that) and some chevrons taped with Gosh Silver. I had to attempt for this mani twice; the first time I ripped off half my base coat (an Essence I'll swatch later) - rather frustrating; I had applied it the day before and went all confident to enhance it. FAIL. It happened again since, and I am starting to wonder if my tape is not super strong or something. Since when in a battle of Polish vs. Tape does the Tape win?! I feel like I have missed something...

Take care.


lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Manicure party :)

Hey there,

This Monday's morning has been somewhat different at my place: my lady friends came over for a little manicure party, and we had a really sweet time ^^

I have to say they all made very wise choices, and that I am very happy with their performance at hand modeling, yay! Take a look at the cool designs they took home with them:
(Clockwise) Carolina, Iris, me and Marta
Those are the recipes:

Carolina - 1 coat of Flormar nºM109 + 2 coats of China Glaze Ahoy! + some flowers stamped in white with Konad and a rhinestone in the middle.

Iris - 2 coats of Catrice Heavy Metalilac + some polka dots done with Essence Fall for me.

Marta - 2 coats of Zoya Dove + striping tape and one coat of Kiko nº343 Spring Green.

So, how do you like them? Which one is your favourite?

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Giveaway WINNER!

Hello all :)

This is just a quick entry in order to announce the winner of my giveaway: Cee!

Congratulations, Cee! Check your inbox, I have just sent you an email :)

Thanks to all of you for the massive participation! And welcome to the new followers, I hope to get to know you little by little ^^


sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

Kiko Peacock Green + holiday spam

Hello there,

I am back, and the little trip has been: perfecto. If you asked my ass, he would say he has felt each and every one of the 1200km we have drove. And that's exactly why the freedom of speech has to be violated sometimes. Sorry dude.

The mani: I couldn't help myself and I purchased Kiko Peacock Green for myself while at San Sebastián. I have worn it for three days with minor chipping (and for those who are interested, I used Essence's All in one Base as my underwear) and ab ab absolutely loved it. Here it is:
Here's Kiko Peacock Green. What the f*ck, right? It's NOT green (hey, 1 up Kiko). But it's awesome, so who cares?

Off-topic: Here are some spam pictures of my trip to Jaca and San Sebastián. Follow me.
That was the view we had from our hotel window in Jaca. Peaceful.
And that is the beach of San Sebastián.
Its shore.
Its food: pintxos.
Its streets. And hello, M.
The Boyfriend and the machine.

I hope you enjoyed the ride; I sure did. Take care!