jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

I am a Sir.

Hey ho! Let's go!

I am a little speeded up today and so I decided to give a shot to those new technologies I don't seem to comprehend... Will this post be published? Will my Iphone crash? Will I accidentally delete it?

Who gives a damn fuck about that when I am a SIR?! Look for yourselves...

Sir Criminal Nailz has been done with a stud moustache I purchased off Bornpretty Store and some monocle design from one of my Bundle Monster Create your Own set plates that I was given this Christmas :) easy peasy! Beginner nail art level. Resourceful, though!

The amazeballs glitter is (yeah! You nerd, you guessed that just right!) Rainbow Honey Magic Cake! The mani was made possible by my dearest Lisa over at Lozlosa.com! Thanks hun! <3

My only concern with this is... My pictures aren't watermarked! Any advice you care to share with this newb that I am? Please? ;)

Take care my little beasts!


jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Long time no see..!

Hey there!

How is everyone doing? :) Have I missed much while I was away? I am sure I have, polish trends come and go so fast that a gazillion of 'em have vanished already... I will be all the more surprised when I get back to checking blogs, so it may have been for the better?

For me, nothing has really changed yet everything is new. I needed a time off the blog, off nails, off polish... So much so that I barely have anything to show. Boring! And I get the feeling that I won't post as much. I need to get the mojo slowly back, you know? 

So here's a little something for you, the best I could find in my archives of the past two months (!), a simple color block done with a Lola Make Up polish called Neptune...
So yeah, I just wanted to let you all know I am not dead (yet) and don't plan to be any time soon :) I'll see you around!

Take care,