domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

JORD wood watch - Ely in Maple

Hey guys!

Today I have somewhat of a different post for you, it's a lifestyle / fashion kind of situation where you'll get to see more of me than my nails :)

I have been sent a gorgeous wood watch to review by the kind people of JORD, and I am going to introduce it to you today.

First and foremost let me tell you that I never ever wear watches. EVER. I did for a while when I was a teen but I just got used to checking the time at my computer screen... well, because I am pretty much plugged in all day every day.

At work, I have been told that a watch is a great fashion statement and while I do agree with that I don't feel the need to wear one. It's just the way I was made, I guess. However, when I scrolled through what Jord had to offer I told myslelf "why not?". These watches are gorgeous and different from anything out there, and that last part is the one that had me. Yeah, I am a "different person" kind of breed.

I asked for the Ely model in Maple color (find it here) because I wanted something neutral that would go with everything. When it arrived, the presentation was just fab: Ely was safe inside a little wooden box engraved with the symbol of the brand, wrapped around a little embroided cushion and with a wooden tag attached to it. Just look at it:

I had to had it sized because I managed to mess around with the sizing guide I was sent by the Jord people, but keep in mind they usually do it for you so that you can skip this step and wear your watch right away!

And believe it or not, I have been wearing this beauty to work often, and also on the weekends. When I am plugged in I use to take it off, and I put it back on whenever I leave my office to meet a client or at my lunch break. It is nice not to have to take my phone out of my purse to check the time, and more so when I tend to do it compulsively as a side effect from stress, hee hee!

Here's an overview of Ely and I at work:

My thoughts:

It is a great quality watch, subtle yet eye-catching because of the wooden material. I am sure I will wear it quite often because it matches pretty much all my wardrobe :) The shipping was fast as a lightning and the care and attention put by Jord people was exquisite. It is a very pleasant addition!

What do YOU think?


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  1. How did I missed this post? This is a stunning watch and it looks great on you! I like the simple, yet classy style of it and the packaging is great too!

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  3. It's a nice watch. I like all wooden accessories but a wood watch is so expensive.

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