jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Bohem sterling silver nails in Gothic Bullet. STAND OUT. SHOW OFF.


Today's theme is Balanced bold. Some time ago I accidentally met Bohem nails and stalked the site fell in love. I waited until my paycheck was cashed in and then couldn't refrain myself any longer, splurged and found myself with a pair of their sterling silver nails in "bullet" or "gothic bullet". First and foremost, just let me get this out: love their slogan. STAND OUT. SHOW OFF. Just... a huge yes.

Even with that, my first reaction was: meh. There was no indication of their length on Bohem's site (that's bad!) so I expected them to be way shorter. They felt so long compared to my natural nails that it just made my inner symmetry whore cringe. In fact, I had been doubting between the gothic bullet pair and the sterling silver elegant one, finally chosing the first in fear that elegance would make me file my claws. Nope.

Well, it was a sunk cost anyway so... I kept the pair in its amazing translucent packaging, in my nail station, and waited. Grew fonder. Tried them. Photoshooted them:
The sterling silver and the snake make for my badass big-mouthed side, the glitter sandwich for a more subdued and tame version of me. Discordia managed to behave herself and stood almost still which freaked me out a little. You probably can't tell but she was due a shed and her colors were way duller than usual... but nah, I won't go down that path 'cuz the probability that there's a snake lover among you is so slim it only has one side. If you're there though, I'd like to know :)

Those two pictures made their way to the Bohem contest; wish me luck!

What do you think?


martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - Blue.


I hope everyone is at his best! For my part, I am starting to conclude I have behaved very badly recently because Karma's currently kicking my butt... Today was a local holiday and so I had the day off. I had planned to do a crazy manicure on Saturday and wanted to keep it until tonight (nnnnnaughty!) therefore defying the Firm's dress code on Monday. Risky mode ON, huh? Well, this hell's invention called Blackberry beeped on Sunday morning and informed me that I would be attending a meeting with one of our international clients... on Monday. So the mani I am showing you today lasted me exactly two hours and had to be removed to make place for some super cool BORING WORK-SAFE nails [I can't stress the irony enough on this one]. Aha, that's my luck.

So for today's theme, Blue, please welcome my most ephemereal manicure:
I will be recreating this sometime soon for sure. It. Is. Stunning. And excuse me for saying so myself, but I think I am entitled to after having worked on Sunday and on the local holiday. There, off my chest! 

If you're wondering what it is, here's for you: the dark navy blue is Sinful Colors Cold Leather [thanks again, Lisa. Those Sinfuls are amazing!] and the gradient was done with a makeup sponge and OPI Swimsuit... Nailed it! The whole thing was mattified with an unbranded top coat from when Mathusalem was still alive, probably.

Off I go. Take care & be bad if you can... There's a saying here that goes like this: Good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere. Hell YES!


martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - Cold. Ice cream nails + Glitter Bunny Krazy Straws!

Hey there, nice nails! :)

This week's theme of the Mish Mash Challenge is cold. Throw in some summer and bam! you have it: ice cream nails! 

I've had this idea since back then when I was still on holidays, ages ago, when I was still a careless person... okay, maybe not that long ago, let's say a month. Exactly when I ripped off my pinky nail and clipped my claws off - back to the good ol' "you always want what you can't have" story. Since I had this stupid idea that you need long nails for sporting an ice cream manicure I just waited and waited until I couldn't wait anymore. It turns out I waited too much and my scoops are huge... how's that for an impatient person? Well, please be my judge. And don't be merciful.
For once I nail arted directly using nail polish, but the list is endless and there's no point mentionning the whole list in here unless you want me to, in which case your wish is my command. What is worth mentionning is the awesome glitter I covered my pinky, index and thumb with: Glitter Bunny Krazy Straws! I learned the hard way you HAVE TO thin indies before you slap them on: this bugger bubbled just like a jacuzzi; my bad. But damn! Isn't it just gorgeous?! *getting emotional*

And next up I've got a question for you. Do you like unnatural hair colors? I am talking blue, pink and purple dye here:
If so, would you wear them? 'Cuz I am wanting to. Desperately. Right now I can't; I don't think I'd encourage lawyer-client confidence, but I plan to in a near future. I would love to hear your thoughts! 
And hey, if it's "NO" just say so. This question has not been thrown in here so you can all tell me how great an idea it is, if it isn't ;) I just love honesty, for some strange reason...
Bla bla bla -- WOULD YOU?

Thanks in advance for your reaction!

Be bad,


jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013

Glitter Sandwich! Glitter Bunny Rainbow Sprinkles

Hello there!

I took advantage of my day off yesterday and added some fun to my nails. This post features two firsts for me: first indie polish and first glitter sandwich. Bad blogger, bad polishaholic; I know. But mind you, it's not that I'm late, nah. It's that I take trends at my own pace...

What you're seeing here is a shitload of very well behaved coats:
We've got a base coat, 2 coats of Kiko Nude (what else?), 2 coats of thinned out Rainbow Sprinkles, 2 coats of a translucent Kiko meant for French manicures and one coat of INM Out the Door top coat. BAM! That's a serious nail shield.

And I will leave you with a Snooki gif that I love. Next time I'll get contemptuously asked "hey, what's that on your nails? (the crap is silent)" that's exactly what I'll do:
Take care,


martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - Least expensive polish. OPI An affair in Red Square.

Hey sexy claws!

What do you first think when you read "hot nails"? I inevitably think long and perfect red nails on even longer fingers. In fact I have this thing... I love to people-watch when I am in a public places, and when I see someone with gorgeous hands, be it a man or a woman, I can't stop staring at them. It's kind of weird when they catch you stalking their hands but, you know, at least it's not a clivage that I am drawn to...

Today's star for least expensive polish day (Mish Mash Challenge) is: OPI An Affair in Red Square. It may be the sexiest red polish I have ever seen; and a great gift from one of my colleagues. He felt compelled to tell me he had chosen the polish because of its name and winked. Well, I think I would have figured that one out on my own sooner or later, but thanks for the hint. Now I know he's not into me for my brainz... and it's a somehow disturbing conclusion. But lemme just be a material girl and say: whatever, dude! I have yet another gorgeous polish in my stash!
What you're looking at is two coats + top coat; I had no issue with it whatsoever and received a ton of compliments. Even from one of the female inmates I had in class when I went to prison to give a lecture on fundamental rights, yay!

Take care,


domingo, 8 de septiembre de 2013

Kiko no. 372 Nude - swatch, review and nail art!

Hey you!

I hope your weekend is being amazing :) I went for a calm one because I have some important stuff to decide, and I wanted to have all the time in the world to go over my ideas again and again, just to make sure I still agree with myself... And I do, for now at least!

It was about time that I swatched Kiko 372 Nude for you, because I have been praising it over and over again throughout the summer. This is the best nude I have found so far to match my pale skin, which makes pale pinks and browns look just nasty. I think Kiko Nude has passed the test. However, if you think it makes me look undead please let me know. I am counting on your polish-oriented, charitable and straight-forward opinions here, don't let me down!
Kiko Nude is really easy to apply and dries fast. This is two coats + TC; no wonder why it has become my fave "blank canvas" to nail art over (and with). And that's how Kiko Nude became the first polish in my whole collection to have a back-up ;)
From top to bottom, you can find the neon tape manicure here, the Nails Craze stamping here, the dotted flowers here, the work-safe saran wrap here and the neon arrows here :)

If you're into this polish (or any other, for that matter) you may be interested in their current sale... all polishes are at Eur. 1.5 except the Laser nail lacquers and the Fast Dry collection.

Take care,


martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - Hot. Fire nails!

Hello there!

I hope you're having a nice week 'cuz today this blog is ON FIRE! :) Yup, today's Mish Mash Challenge theme is hot and... what can be hotter than fire? [pffff, The Boyfriend of course!]

As I can't really draw a person (and it honestly never crossed my mind to draw a hot guy on my nails) I decided to go for some burning hell flame nail art:
I thought I'd spend two lives painting those but I managed to get them done in 1h, trial and error included; picture me pleased! 

For this I used two coats of OPI Lucern-tainly Look Marvelous, which is a stunning metallic grey that I'll wear again despite of its ridiculous-slash-neverending name. On top of it I drew the flame shapes with white acrylic paint and filled them in with white to make the colors pop. I then painted the flames with red, dark orange, orange, light orange and yellow acrylic paint that I mixed myself on the go. Add the studs, and the look is complete!

How do you like this?