lunes, 19 de agosto de 2013

Unnamed Superficially Colorful thermal lacquer and NailPorn ring!

Hey there!

I hope you're having a good Monday! If your holidays are over today *cry cry cry* or if you're feeling uninspired for this week's challenge, just keep calm and pretend it's not Monday.

Now, let's lust over today's lacquered beauty, which is yet another Superficially Colorful thermal lacquer that's still unnamed...
Have a peek at the shimmer and fine pink glitter in this polish!
This baby - Candy Floss anyone? - required two coats for opacity. Its hot version is a very light pastel pink, ironically switching to a hotter pink when cold. I am completely in love with Superficially Colorful lacquers; Jin had me at Giggly, and they have all been hits until now. Let it continue!

AND... have you seen my personalized all-swag&all-out ring? That's right: a NailPorn ring! Ha! Well, I'm not wearing this at work because I don't want the clients' eyes to pop out of their sockets, but I will definitely wear this with some sicko nails soon! If you're interested in anything similar, this Etsy seller can personalize your ring with any word up to 8 letters - yeah, CriminalNails didn't fit :'( -. It has costed me $23.98 and has arrived very quickly from Israel. 

I also decided to keep rocking those stilettos at work; with a sane degree of "fear", I might add. Not that I'm a nail amazone of some sort, but heck, I just don't want my personality to drown in my corporate/lawyerly outfits. So I will show 'em some more love, until my boss makes me a painful remark or until a catastrophe happens, like ripping one of my nails off. 

Take care now,


5 comentarios:

  1. I've never tried any thermal polishes before :( This looks so cool! And I love the stiletto nails *__* You rock it, girl! Especially with the pink - just amazing!
    I'm looking forward to see your unique ring to be featured in your future posts ^.~

  2. I've been really excited to see what else you had from Jin! This one's soooo pretty! I love the pastel/hot pink combo! Hehe... your ring is awesome! :D

    ~ Yun

  3. WOW this looks so pretty on you!!!!!!!!! btw - I think I got a name for it now ;-) I am thinking Exalted. What do you think?
    LOLOL and I think I need to make a nail polish that will be called Candy Floss now :-P

    And your ring looks great!!! And so much fun!!! and from Israel?! Awesome!!!

  4. I love the shift in this one - and I agree it's fun it gets "hot" when cold LOL

  5. Oh my gosh - this looks awesome :)
    Wish my nails would be as long as yours :(
    xx Jess


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