miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Short and Sassy

Buenas noches my darlings,

How's this week going? I am just brainfucking myself all the time, thinking it's already Thursday when it's obviously not the case. I keep disappointing my own little self since Tuesday. Which does not makes sense for I had my Monday off, and thus Tuesday ought to have been Monday. You know? Ha, gotcha! 

Anyhow, some of you complimented me saying red suited me quite good, and as I believed you I acted in consequence. I am wearing a gorgeous jelly-like blood red on my nails right now, BUT it's not the one I am showing you today. I'm just messy like that. And lazy on top, 'cuz the true reason is that my pictures are still on my camera, which is like 2m from me. Getting there would be exhausting, so here's a red from the vault!
China Glaze Short and Sassy, to serve you and oblige you. 2 coats + top coat. Those pics show some tipwear, I believe this was because I couldn't photograph that mani until after 4 days of wear (thanks Mother Nature for showing so much clemence, by the way). Ain't that bad, huh?

It went smooth and perfect. The color is gorgeous, deep and vibrant, and rich in the sun. A great velvety red for fall.

Today I realized no one can give a damn about my nails at work, because there is a true distractor. That's the positive thing. The bad part is that I'll need a shrink to recover from what I've seen. 
That guy showed up with a cobalt blue tie. Printed. With dragons. Oh my God. EPIC.

See you around.


9 comentarios:

  1. Lovely colour, it really suits you, perfect for autumn!! LOL about that horrendous tie! Sounds totally amazing.....nawwwwwt!

  2. oooh what a stunning color! So pretty on you! :-)
    Hope we get to see the red nails you are currently wearing at some point. :P

    ~ Yun

  3. that is a great color on you and wears really well!

  4. Oh woow, I never noticed this color before, it's gorgeous!!

  5. What the f. have I done that I lost three of you posts?????? Well, shame on me, but I am here now and I am recovering!
    This is such a beautiful polish, perfect for autumn and I am curious how those pretty red nails look like!

  6. Este es el color perfecto para el otoño, lo has conseguido!!! Nosotras estamos esperando que nos lleguen varios de zoya... con colores similares, a ver qué tal quedan.

  7. LOL Shouda took a pic of the tie, now I wanna see it !

  8. Oh my! I love dragons! I am sure that tie was super awesome!
    And kudos for that guy for daring! (hint, hint!)
    Ok enough with the side dish. This red is GORGEOUS! Like - WOAH!!!
    I am deeply in love with it. If it was a guy I would like to have his babies. And after all this, it is merely a china glaze... (as in - I don't have this one china glaze!!) *sigh*

    Oh, btw - today is Thursday. I thought you'd like to know!

  9. OOOHHH very nice RED!!! I have to keep my eye out for this one! Yes, and after four days, just a little tip wear, not too bad at all. Also, I lol, I get my days confused too, I think it is wishful thinking, plus something that breaks a habit gets us confused. Boy I missed a lot while on holiday, huh?


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