domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - Holo. Chained love.

Hey there!

I hope y'all are doing fantastic! :) Today's prompt of the Mish Mash Challenge is holographic. You would think I had a lot of ideas featuring a bunch holo polishes... But I didn't. 
I like holos, but I've never gone crazy about them. The holo trend seemed to pass just near me without getting me all in - my pocket feels relieved. So I decided to slap on the one I never used: Nfu-Oh NFU 66. 

For the "nail art" I used Nailz Craze stamping plate no. 06 and then added some dotted chains... I will not further comment on this as I totally disliked it. Well, this is also about the fails, so there you go!
I have to say I am not in the best nail art period of my life, it's as if my creativity had gone dry. I am just able to lust over other people's work and never seem to get the courage to sit at my table and light up the nailporn demon inside of me. Off I go!

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14 comentarios:

  1. Stampings can be...difficult. But I don't see any problems here, it looks good :) Maybe the holo doesn't fit too much but other than that.
    I actually love holo polishes but I don't own much..hmm, wonder why hhaha

  2. The effect is lovely and I love the patterns as well - great job on it :o). Xx

  3. My very first holo nail polishes were from Nfu Oh - I have this one plus #63 and #65. Now I have... Mmm maybe 110 holo polishes?!? (Houston, we have a problem here!)
    Anyway, Nfu Ohs are simply amazing!
    Moreover, I think that your stamping is beautiful! I seriously love it! :)

  4. I think you did really well! :) I love the contrast between the dark creme and the light holo, and the design you added is really cute! :D

    ~ Yun

  5. There's nothing wrong with this in my eyes! But I feel like this sometimes too...also I've just gone through a 'dry spell' with my nail art but I'm out of it now thankfully! Yeah just keep looking for inspiration!

  6. This is definitely not a fail! Looks really nice actually (:

  7. Your pocketbook must be so happy about your un-craziness about holos! Mine reminds me regularly that my obsession is bad, bad, bad! lol I do like this color, though :)

  8. Qué dibujo tan bonito el de esta placa que has usado, no conocía yo esa marca. Además has clavado la estampación, está perfecta. Me encanta el color verde para las uñas, este holo no es muy exagerado y creo que es precioso.Creo que es una de las manis que más me gustan de las que has hecho últimamente. Un besito

  9. GIRL!
    You light up the nailporn demon inside of you, right now!! hehehe
    Just kidding - even if you didn't like this one much, I think it's a pretty one - and I'm loving those vintage tattoo looking letters - they're gorgeous and you combined them nicely with the dotted chains.
    That and having this mani make me chant 'Love hurts' in my lil' head... mmmm... I think this one counts NOT as a fail at all ;)

  10. I ::ahem:: LOVE it! (see what I did there?? hee hee hee hee hee)

  11. This looks amazing! I think the letters match the chains perfectly, they look great together!
    I feel ya about being uninspired, sometimes it helps to just focus on other things for awhile :P

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