sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

Kiko Peacock Green + holiday spam

Hello there,

I am back, and the little trip has been: perfecto. If you asked my ass, he would say he has felt each and every one of the 1200km we have drove. And that's exactly why the freedom of speech has to be violated sometimes. Sorry dude.

The mani: I couldn't help myself and I purchased Kiko Peacock Green for myself while at San Sebastián. I have worn it for three days with minor chipping (and for those who are interested, I used Essence's All in one Base as my underwear) and ab ab absolutely loved it. Here it is:
Here's Kiko Peacock Green. What the f*ck, right? It's NOT green (hey, 1 up Kiko). But it's awesome, so who cares?

Off-topic: Here are some spam pictures of my trip to Jaca and San Sebastián. Follow me.
That was the view we had from our hotel window in Jaca. Peaceful.
And that is the beach of San Sebastián.
Its shore.
Its food: pintxos.
Its streets. And hello, M.
The Boyfriend and the machine.

I hope you enjoyed the ride; I sure did. Take care!


11 comentarios:

  1. Kiko Peacock Green is aaamazing - and it looks like you had a wonderful vacation :)

  2. Beautiful polish and I'm glad you had a lovely vacation :)

  3. ooooooooh yes I have!
    Can I take "the boyfriend and the machine" for a trip too? :-P
    Bootiful bootiful peacock! Me likes a lot!
    And I was in San Sebastian too some many years ago so this beach reminded me of such fun nostalgics.....

  4. Beautiful holographic nail polish!!! So glad you had such a nice time at the beach. Your pictures are really nice. Welcome back!

  5. omg it;s sooo pretty. i thoughts first hand it would be a basic turquoise but no. it had to have a sparkling secret :D

  6. gorrrgeous polish! and serious vacation envy, looks amazing!

  7. The polish is gorgeous, but what really caught my eye is how gorgeous you look! Damn, girl!

  8. I love this holo!! not green, but still very very lovely!!!
    Jealous about your vacation; I'm so glad you had fun!!!

  9. Yay glad to hear your vacation went well! Your pics look amazing.
    And what a gorgeous blue holo! :D

    ~ Yun

  10. Kiko Peacock Green is awesome, looks great on your nails! Love your holiday pictures, looks that you had a great time!

  11. I love your pictures! especially the pintxos one :)! mmm! Que buenisimo!

    No et deixis robar el novio que ja veig que se'l rifen! jajaja!!!
    Un besito!


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