jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

Fail mani. Episode 1.


How's everything? We're lusting over Friday, right? Unavoidable.

I wanted to complete today's cycle and crown the day with a fail post. I like harmony, in everything. Fail or fly. But I ain't flyin' today. 

That's a manicure I had high hopes in. I started with two coats of China Glaze liquid leather, and decided to go to an official English exam with it, having slept 4 hours. I don't know how I managed to pass, but I do remember the old owl I had as my examiner for the oral test. I think she didn't pay attention to anything I mentionned (share capital, right of first refusal and all that legal english chatter), she kept staring at my hands. At my nails. Either she was entering on a true zensation or she was deeply disapproving. Never mind; I passed.

Black was good but not really my cup of tea. So I decided to fuck it up and slapped one thick coat of pink over it, yay! And I didn't like it, so I kept insisting on having a true "yuck" manicure. You know, there are times when you see you're losing it and you can't help but keep on going. And slam your face on a wall. That's what happened. Metaphorically.
Oh! How about some pink rhinestones to finally kill the mani I had imagined? Well, how about some pink shut the fuck up?! [Hey babe!]
Have you realized even the colors of that first picture are pure distilled crap? 1 up.

Anyhow, what's done is done. And that has sure been joyfully removed!

See you,


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  1. I can't see anything wrong with it! I love the combo of pink and black, and the rhinestones are so cute! :P

    ~ Yun

  2. Lololol oh my gosh you're so funny!!!! I don't think it's too bad though!!!

  3. You wanna know something? I actually like this mani!
    Yeah I do love your story (and I actually LOLed several times and I sighed of relief when you passed your test) and I do understand how you consider this a fail. But the honest truth is - I LOVE this mani. I think it's so... wrong - that it's turning right. You know, like Borat. Know the movie? It's so bad that it's actually good! Classic. Hysteria. Pure cult!

    1. Ahahaha! I laughed a LOT with that comment! :D Thanks, that mani has provided me with at least that!

  4. OOOOHH you are brave! Black nails to an oral exam, with very little sleep! Sheesh! I am relieved that you passed.

    I've come into a meeting on my day off with crazy nails and my boss kept looking at me and my nails... she was kind of distracted and so was I, probably more distracted than her, I kept wondering what she was thinking and what a horrible mistake I may have made.... I lost my confidence that day, sat on my hands and kept my mouth shut. I think it gets worse the older you get and the higher up you go in the career ladder. You never know what opportunities open up and I try not to wear crazy colors at work. People will judge you no matter what, fair or unfair, "unprofessional" is a horrible mark in an annual evaluation.... Unless you are super brilliant, which I am not, so I can't get away with that. I try to be clean and unbiased.... I still push it a little sometimes because I'm dying for an outlet.... Well, phew!

    And yes there is acetone and time for more nail art!

    Great post!

    1. Wow, Jenni! I totally understand how you felt! But maybe doing this you gave her reasons to think you shouldn't have worn those nails to work? It's complicated... I wear plain manis (I mean one color) but I try to wear cool colors. This week I wore the OPI you sent me and I went to a meeting with my boss and three clients. No one remarked anything :)
      It depends on the firm, on the bosses, on the clients... So it's hard to know!

  5. I know exactly how you feel! But this manicure looks pretty good, not like some of the FAILS I've concocted...

  6. The fun thing about we ourselves see as a fail is, that a lot of others don't - and I like this mani!

  7. How is that a fail? :o That mani is super cute and I might try out my own version of it sometime!

  8. I think this looks great!! Not a fail at all! :)

  9. LOL I actually really like this mani, I don't see anything yuck about it! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though, so if you didn't like it than I would have taken if off quickly as well =)


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