domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

Pink striped blue


I hope your weekend was good! Mine was / is being just meh because we here in Barcelona have what we call a "bridge" (a Friday or Monday off, added to a regular weekend = a bridge), and I get to work 2 out of 3 days. 

So in order to cheer me up in those long hours of reading case laws, I decided to have something cool. I had never noticed that I am kind of drawn to combine blue and pink, but I am forced to face it is so when I take a look at my archive. I need to stop being so predictable ;)
This is two coats of Barry M Pink Flamingo and one coat of Kiko nº 300 Pearly Malachite Green. And a coat of Seche Vite, which kind of freaks me out now. Do you notice how it shrinked? My tips are already showing and there are some breakages in my index and middle fingers. Seriously, SV, I am warning you. I love you most dearly, but I won't stick with you at all costs. 

Any good alternative to the ever-shrinking SV?

Oh! I just remembered something that happened to me last year. At that time I thought "if I had a blog I'd post about that, hands down". I guess now is the time!

So the story goes like this: I was in London, and I had some free time. So I decided to walk around and give me one cool manicure. I had thought of a clear base and bright blue tips; funky french kind of stuff. My steps (and the subway) took me to Chelsea, where I found a little salon that was having a promo for manicures. I thought myself lucky at the time; I couldn't be more wrong. 
I entered, and was suprised when the lady told me they were about to close. Yeah, I had my Spanish schedules in mind (our shops close at 20h30), my bad. Well, she said I could have a plain mani, and I thought: let's go.
So I was made to sit in front of a young lady, she was totally inexperienced. I mean: TOTALLY. I picked a color and un-luckily the bottle was half empty. That girl, she looked like she was called Brenda, did an awful job. It was seriously the worse mani I have ever had. Counting the one a friend gave me a while back, and he was a man. 
So, as the bottle was half empty the brush came out half empty each time, and Brenda needed to dip it in the bottle several times per nail and coat. She turned the bottle upside down, and I can tell she struggled: she licked her lips just like children do when they are concentrated, you know? It was a deep effort there. The polish dragged, and pooled. In the end, I had half bald spots, so the color was not uniform at all. And Brenda's conversation was plain, and oh-so-boring! 
The worse thing was what she did between coats.


In each and every one of them, for Christ' sake. And when she thought she was done, she asked: are you happy? I was totally astonished, and kept looking for a hidden camera somewhere in there. Brenda looked like such a sweet and dumb lady that I said I was happy.

I paid 13 pounds for something I took up the minute I arrived to the hotel; you can tell I cried on the inside. And I was ashamed to hold myself to the bars in the subway, because anyone could see that mess. 
I can't believe I forgot the name of that salon...

With that said, have a nice week :)


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  1. It's a gorgeous mani!
    I have used Seche Vite almost a year now - and love it. I NEVER experienced shrinking, do you remember to coat the free edge of the nail tip - it could be the reason, but I'm sure you know that.
    LOL I had to laugh at your Brenda story, too funny :)

  2. I use NYC In A New York Minute top coat works really well, dies to the touch in one minute and sets in about 15 with no shrinkage and its only $2 :D

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha!!! I loved your story!
    I can see it so happening to me ;-) Although today I suppose I'd go cheap and use the money to buy new polish. But you know - you can feel good about yourself. I am sure that was a good experience to that lady, and by the sound of it - she desperately needed that. So you did a big friendly favour to her!

    And as for your current mani - I love it. I love your crisp and clear lines. And I totally don't care that you mix blue and pink all the time. Every time its a whole different shade! They never look the same!

    Only one question: why on earth would a navy blue polish be called Pearly Malachite Green?!

    Oh... and about seche vite - I love it really but there are several polishes that tend to shrink and SV only does things easier to them.
    This is why I keep at least 5 different top coats. And with time you figure which one is the best for which polish ;-)

  4. Jeeze Louise that story! I haven't had my nails done "professionally" in a long time and that might be the reason why... I fear too.

    Have you tried adding Seche restore to seche vite, or add nail polish thinner? I notice shrinking when the bottle is not real fresh. I really like Seche too, but I also like Revlon's quick dry top coat and INM Out the Door.

    I rotate top coat around like JinJit too. SV never on a jelly, never on a foil or metallic is one of my rules.

    I did not notice that you mix blue and pink together often... interesting. I do notice that you like bold, striking designs.

  5. Lol your story sounds traumatic. Poor thing! *pats*
    As for SV, it's the only top coat I use. I always wrap the tips and I don't get shrinkage. But when I first started using SV, I did not wrap (cause I didn't know I was suppose to), and yes there was major shrinkage. Hope that helps. :-)
    And your blue/pink mani is so cute! They are two of my favorite polish colors too, so it's a great combo!

    ~ Yun

  6. Blue and pink is a good combination, I like it. I laugh reading your story!My first experience with a manicurist was worth than yours. She was inexperienced, I was her first client and she had to make my wedding mani. It had to be a clean french design, her hands were shaking and she cleaned the result two or three times because the lines were not straight. She gave the fault on the polish :) After 1 hour and just 3 nails done I became angry and I told her if next time when somebody ask her if she can make a french wedding manicure she should tell the truth that she can not. Since than I had some other bad experiences with manicurist, so I thought it is better to make it myself!


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