domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

Blog on slow motion.

Hey there!

How are you doing? I hope you're savouring the last hours of your weekend, for the ones who get to work tomorrow. I do, if you were wondering.
I bought 5 Barry M back then in London, and couldn't make my mind on which one to try first. I didn't need to decide, after all.

In fact, this isn't really a polish-related post. I am here to make some excuses, because I am going to be unfaithful to you all, on the next few weeks. I have a shitload of work, because I am finishing the Criminal Code edition, which is a sort of bonus added to my regular work.

And I have a new flatmate since yesterday, it's a Ghost Corn snake called Discordia, and I am dedicating part of my free time to look over her, helping her get acclimated to her new house (let's say mansion, in proportion to her) and facing my new responsibilities. I'm not a mom, I'm a tutor... I'm totally fucktarded.

So all in all I decided I will only post on Wednesdays, playing along with the Breast Cancer Awareness month, because it's worth it, and because I don't want to abandon this baby for anything. 

So keep rocking the world one manicure at a time, I'll see you around!


9 comentarios:

  1. love the barry m skittles!! life gets busy sometimes, no worries :)

  2. i love these kind of trends in nails.lovely :)

  3. Lovely Barry M's you have bought :)
    Congratulations on your Discordia - and good luck :)
    Time is sometimes like this, and we will look forward to seeing you at least once a week :)

  4. I already miss you :-(
    But I do understand.....
    And I can't wait to see Discordia! I hope she will get used to her new place in no time and start playing around happily! :-D
    Good luck with the code and everything!

    btw - this picture of yours is SUPER AWESOME!!!

  5. Cute and fun looking manicure, great colors' I will miss your posts, but I understand!

  6. Cute way to wear all the colors at once! Every once in a while, when I can't make up my mind on what color to wear, I get the urge to do that too. :-)
    Good luck with all your work and real life! And I'll look forward to your Wednesday posts <3

    ~ Yun

  7. pretty skittle nails! I wish I could blog more, but life certainly does get in the way sometimes (so does ailing technology), so I totally understand where you're coming from and look forward to your weeklys!

  8. What is that blue?? It looks so gorgeous against your skin! Perfection!!

  9. Love your picture! Your skittle manicure turned out to be awesome, light pink, red, purple then blues, very nice choices! We look forward to your Wednesday posts! <B


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