lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

Marine manicure

Hello darlings!

Is everybody rockin'? 

Over here it's smoking hot! I'm on an important trial against bad bad guys and I feel like a superhero. I need a badass name now... M the Nailtastic? Nail them all? Hail the Nail?

Besides that, I had some creativity burst on Friday and decided to have a marine themed mani and wear it for a barbecue. Because fuck it. 

The base is Chanel Azuré, which is gorgeous on its own, so glowy! and then I did some needle marbling-swirling on my middle finger, and added a shell stud which is absolutely adorable. It's the 5mm one, in case you're wondering. on the other nails I just added some hex glitter here and there to make it iridescent and fun.
Keep it up!

domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

Maybelline falsies in Triple Dipper. The Galactic nailporn goddess look...

Hey there!

It's been *ages* since I last posted... in fact, I think this one is the first free weekend that I've had in around 10 weeks. I am not complaining though, I've been doing productive stuff like writing an article on a subject no one cares about or preparing for a big trial that I think will make the local news. Yikes!

I have SO MANY projects though, and the big question is: will they see the light [of this blog]? Suspense..! What will surely, doubtlessly & definitely catch the light of your screen will be my purple hair. Soon. Very soon. I have already purchased two glorious shades of purple, and will dye my hair as soon as I leave the office towards those 3 amazing holiday weeks. It'll be around August, so stay tuned for this if it's something you consider losing a couple minutes of your lives with ;)

For now, I will show you what I wore yesterday at a birthday dinner :) First off, one of my two pairs of galaxy leggings. Best buy ever. And as I was in a rush because I had been a lazy bum all afternoon, I just glued on a set of falsies that I had been saving for such an occasion: Maybelline ColorShow false nails in Triple Dipper. Glorious neon nail porn, before your very eyes...
As I said, NEON! Admittedly this is a super fake look, but there's always a time where a girl likes to be crazy, or at least I know I do. Those have a considerable length but were very easy to apply, long-lasting and very comfortable. They come in all sorts of sizes and I had no problem whatsoever finding the correct ones for my piggies :) me likes that. They're not re-usable though, because once you lift them to take them off they will start deforming and flattening... so sad!

Not everything was in your face with me yesterday. I wore bed head, simple make-up, a very cute MAC lipstick (Chatterbox) and a very nice top that I bought off Sheinside to tone it all down...
Be bad & wonderful...


sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Worksafe Manis - 1) The Subtle Gradient.

Hello everybunny!

A while back I had a manicure crisis because I refrained myself from wearing a lot of colors and combinations on my nails from Monday to Friday. I don't have anything against a plain manicure, they look neat and tidy, but it got boring. I felt I was forced to wear one-color manicures and so it became not a personal option but a sort of obligation. And that's when I became a bad, bad, bad blogger and disappeared on you.

So, as I will have to wear low profile manicures at least 5 days a week for a little while, I decided to start a series of worksafe-yet-funky manicures, for all nail maniacs out there with demanding jobs! The first one in this series is The Subtle Gradient:
I was super duper happy with this one, it's subdued yet girly, and enjoyed wearing it for 5 days in a row. For this, I used Kiko Nude and Illamasqua Loella. Loella is quite sheer and was perfect to create this subtle gradient effect in minutes :)

Have a nice weekend!


sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

Gold, hearts, negative space...

Hey there!

How is everyone? :) 

Today I am showing you the manicure I did last weekend, for a special occasion: I was seeing my lady friends! We're a group of 7 close friends since we were 16. Well, that's when I started hanging out with them, for I am the last addition and some of them know each other since they were 6 months old! After school everyone has traveled a lot & studied abroad so seldom are the occasions when we all or almost all can meet. Last weekend was one of those times, and we managed to get an almost complete get-together (only one of us was missing).  

So I sported some hearts and gold for that special event:
The hearts were freehanded with thinned-out polish :) 
The black and gold nails were done with a Nail Rock gold foil kit I bought in Paris. It's super easy to use, but the gold foil sticks everywhere... literally. If your hands are a little sweaty, it will stick, if you poured a tiny amount of liquid somewhere, it will stick to it, if your tweezers are a little magnetic-y, they will stick... But hey, you have a blanket of gold foil [honest!], so the kit is really worth your money. And in case of emergency, you're covered:

Your thoughts?


jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

I am a Sir.

Hey ho! Let's go!

I am a little speeded up today and so I decided to give a shot to those new technologies I don't seem to comprehend... Will this post be published? Will my Iphone crash? Will I accidentally delete it?

Who gives a damn fuck about that when I am a SIR?! Look for yourselves...

Sir Criminal Nailz has been done with a stud moustache I purchased off Bornpretty Store and some monocle design from one of my Bundle Monster Create your Own set plates that I was given this Christmas :) easy peasy! Beginner nail art level. Resourceful, though!

The amazeballs glitter is (yeah! You nerd, you guessed that just right!) Rainbow Honey Magic Cake! The mani was made possible by my dearest Lisa over at! Thanks hun! <3

My only concern with this is... My pictures aren't watermarked! Any advice you care to share with this newb that I am? Please? ;)

Take care my little beasts!


jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Long time no see..!

Hey there!

How is everyone doing? :) Have I missed much while I was away? I am sure I have, polish trends come and go so fast that a gazillion of 'em have vanished already... I will be all the more surprised when I get back to checking blogs, so it may have been for the better?

For me, nothing has really changed yet everything is new. I needed a time off the blog, off nails, off polish... So much so that I barely have anything to show. Boring! And I get the feeling that I won't post as much. I need to get the mojo slowly back, you know? 

So here's a little something for you, the best I could find in my archives of the past two months (!), a simple color block done with a Lola Make Up polish called Neptune...
So yeah, I just wanted to let you all know I am not dead (yet) and don't plan to be any time soon :) I'll see you around!

Take care,


domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - Around the World. Rising sun manicure. Bohem.

Well hello :)

Super late post for the *Around the World* prompt like 27 weeks ago in the Mish Mash Challenge... 

I give you the rising sun though, that's gotta count for something! 
This gorgeous jewel-like orange is from Kiko's Sugar Mat Collection, and the rising sun silver nails are from Bohem.

I am missing in action and will probably be for a while... Have a nice Christmas :)