jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Chevron silver tips


How are you all doing? For once, I am going to say "it is Thursday already" with a *sad voice* My holidays are shrinking little by little, I still have three entire days ahead of me and I am starting to freak out. Boy, when I say I am versatile I wonder if I don't mean just dumb. But versatile sounds better. 
I prayed to go back to the Criminal Law Department for the past six months and now I am a little fearful. Just like when you look at a precipice: you want to look down and at the same time you're scared to. I want to work there, but I am not sure to fulfill the expectations of my boss. But hey, I can't fear a battle that hasn't started yet. And a friend of mine says: be a warrior. I will be an amazon.

That is the mani I wore to work on my last week in the Business Law Department. Yeah, just like that. Don't give me much credit though, the big bosses were all on holidays, I could therefore relax a little bit. 
 This is two coats of my beloved Catrice Heavy Metalilac (I can't have enough of that) and some chevrons taped with Gosh Silver. I had to attempt for this mani twice; the first time I ripped off half my base coat (an Essence I'll swatch later) - rather frustrating; I had applied it the day before and went all confident to enhance it. FAIL. It happened again since, and I am starting to wonder if my tape is not super strong or something. Since when in a battle of Polish vs. Tape does the Tape win?! I feel like I have missed something...

Take care.


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  1. I love Chevrons and they are so easy to jazz up your mani! Love the two colors together!

    Good luck in school!!

    1. Thanks Cee! But I am not in school anymore, I've been working as a lawyer for one year already ;)

  2. First - this is indeed a great mani! I love everything about it and I do wonder if there's a law against it in court? Why can't you wear it to work?? :-(

    As for your taping problem, there are two optional solutions, I usually use both unless there's a reason not to (well, pupa holo for example is a reason not to. It chips in a very ugly way)
    Anyway - 1: before taping your nails, place the tape on the back of your hand once or twice. This lowers the stickiness of it and it won't chip your polish.
    2: use two coats of top coat before taping. Then even if your polish chips a little, no one would see it when you top coat your finished design ;-))

    And of course you're an AMAZON! or better yet - an Amazonia of the Dior type!

  3. Ooh it's just per-work jitters, you're going to do great!!! As far as work appropriate nails, Im really curious what you come up with!!! I really hope you post them here, I can never get enough of those!!!

  4. Great mani! It's vibrant, classy, fun, and edgy all at the same time. I LOVE it! :D
    Aww I totally know how you feel about the end of vacation! *big hugs for you* I'm sure you will do great at your new role! <3

    ~ Yun

  5. Wow, what a great mani! Nice and bold. Heheee I do the same things on Fridays, the big cheeses aren't around on Fridays, so I will wear a more daring color. I still worry because I don't want clients to say anything.... Anyways, I put a layer of top coat and after it's dry 2-3 hours, then tape. JinJit had good advice. It is hard to go back to work after such a nice holiday! I envy retired people sometimes. :)

  6. Great manicure, it's a perfect combination of classy, captivating and showy, I love it. The tape problems, well, I have them too :( But Jin Jit advices are perfect, I will keep them in mind for my next taped mani! And be an AMAZON, sometime it works :)

  7. Oh that's so cute with the chevron tip! I don't think I can do a perfect triangle!

    Great colour choices!

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  8. this makes me think of the jetsons or star trek. it's kinda spacey and futuristic looking for being so simple. i like it!


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