domingo, 26 de agosto de 2012

Kiko 396 + Farewell

Hello Ladies,

Today I am showing you a mani that lightened my state of mind when I was literally waiting for my nails to grow, 0.0000001 cm at a time. Kiko nº 396 (Bright Peacock). I'd venture to say that this polish is the opposite of Chanel's Péridot: a metallic teal that shifts to gold. Gorgeous. I own both of them and I must say I prefer this one, at least on me, for Péridot's gold does not suit my skintone *sob*
Indoors, indirect sunlight
Outdoors, direct sunlight

Farewell is a word that I loved from the first time I read it in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, even if I didn't even knew what it meant. So this is a farewell; but a little one :) As you read these lines I am leaving for one week holidays with The Boyfriend, seeking total relax, good food and a lot of sun. We're doing 641 km in his motorbike, in a two-step trip. My arse will hurt like it never did before, but at least my nails are safe in this adventure. And I'll wear my gorgeous helmet... I just can't wait to be gone.

I'll be back in 8 days, hopefully with some new nail polish (it's unlikely) and a few good pictures of my trip! 'Til then be bad, be bold, be brave (sounds like one of Illamasqua's slogans, ain't that right?). 


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  1. Have a great trip - and enjoy the vacation with your boyfriend :)

  2. Kiko does some real stunners! Lovely colour, I agree with you it does look like the opposite of peridot! Omg when I saw that this post was called farewell I thought you were leaving forever! I'm glad you're not :) have a fabulous holiday!!

  3. oohh I hope you guys have a wonderful time!!! Take lots of pictures!!!
    This polish is beautiful btw!! And Peridot doesn't look good on me either!

  4. Farewell! Have a GREAT trip!!! So excited for you!!! Your nails look awesome.

  5. Farewell in both meanings - and have a really nice time :)

  6. Have a great vacation, enjoy your free time to the max. Your nails are gorgeous, this polish is absolutely amazing! Looking forward for your new post after your holiday.

  7. I love this colour so much. Have fun!!!

  8. That is a beautiful polish :)

    Have a lovely trip!

  9. First off: This polish looks gorgeous on you!

    Second: Péridot suits ALL skin tones! I swear.

    I hope you're having an awesome trip!

  10. Very pretty duochrome! And have fun on your trip! <3

    ~ Yun

  11. Wow, it really does look like that same shift reversed. Very pretty! Hope you guys have a safe and fabulous trip! :D

  12. Are you back yet??? Are you back yet???
    btw, did the 641km also count the way back? ;-)
    Yup, this is indeed a great polish! I don't have Chanel, I have one of it's dupes by Jessica and it seems like I deff need to check that Kiko story of yours! ;-)


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