lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Kiko Blueberry Glitter - nº 277

Hey there!

How are you? My holidays are over today, I thus went back to work. My stuff has been moved to the Criminal Law Department, and it feels good to be back. Not every Monday of the year has to be "yet another damn Monday", right? Yeah.

So here's Kiko Blueberry Glitter nº 277 for you today. It's lovely, isn't it? But, wait a second: *yells* what's that stupid name? "Glitter" seems a fair word to put in that polish name, but "blueberry"?! So, you see, after Kiko Peacock Green here comes Blueberry Glitter, which is next in The Stupid Names' Saga. Bravo, Kiko. I'm thrilled *throws confetti all over the place*

Anyhow, this is two coats with SV; nothing more, nothing less.
This was going to be the base for my chevron manicure, but my super tape super ripped it off. In other words, I wore this beauty for barely one day. A true shame. 

Okay, now for the next section parental advisory is absolutely needed. I know I have said in the past I was going to say something serious and after all it wasn't true. It ain't the case today. So, those who can get easily shocked: skip it. 
I was looking through the net and found that TV show, it's called "My Strange Addiction" and it's absolutely disgusting. But yeah, my stomach was empty and I didn't fear throwig out, so I went through some episodes' description and guess what? I found the ultimate nail polish addict. If you don't believe me and want to check out for yourself (I am warning again: if you doubt being able to stand it, skip it now. It's your last chance), watch the first seconds of this video:
[Please note that even if I am writing this in an humoristic tone, I think like any addiction this is a most serious issue that needs to be dealt with]. 

Take care now!


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  1. Pfew Pfew!! *spitting out some of the confetti* The party was excellent! Now where's the cake?
    I think that is not even at the top 10 of stupid names. I think those are all saved for OPI.
    Nevertheless it is quite silly. but I suppose someone at Kiko found his little private joke funny.

    This polish really looks amazing on you. You should wear red a lot lot more often!
    I can't help wondering though: is it glitter-hard for removal? It looks a lot more shimmery then glitter, but I guess one can never know these days ;-)

    Oh and that girl "blue tastes best" is quite old really. You are a little behind, but I love you still :-P

  2. Aaaah! You weren't kidding about the video! I love my polishes, but only on my nails, not in my tummy. O_O
    I totally read the name of the polish a few times, just to be sure I'm reading it correctly. Love the red polish, even though the name is misleading. And I agree with Jin, you should wear red more often! It's lovely on you. :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. You've got to show us what kind of super adhesive tape your using, so we can stay away from it... LOL!

    OMG, OMG, OMG that video, I watched the whole thing! Bertha that poor girl. I feel so bad for her, her doctor was really nice to her. She basically wants to slowly kill herself and her doctor is so right. She's like an alcoholic or drug addict, like drinking nail polish... chemicals can change her brain structure, her personality, and her abuse, she said she isn't the same person. So sad! There's a blog "I drink nail polish" she stopped blogging in February because she's sick.... she never said she drinks polish, but thats the name of her blog. I hope she's okay, too.

    The other girl who digs in her ear, holy cow! Watching her dig... makes my stomache turn... jeeze. She kind of reminds me of when I used to bite my nails.... I was never that bad though. GOSH! She's super pretty too. I think she will be okay though. I worry about Bertha more.

    BTW your nails look awesome!

  4. Here's the link to the blog I was talking about:

  5. Lovely red... or blueberry. LOL. Kiko must have a labeling issue! omg that TLC program is insane... i just really cannot imagine being able to drink nail polish day in and day out and defy death. I mean, that stuff must be solidifying somewhere as well as putting holes in her innards. This stuff has to be fake!

  6. I think the people at Kiko are a bit confused... LOL! Even though it as a seriously dumb name it's a gorgeous polish and it looks great on you. :)

    And oh gosh. I have seen that! That program made me cringe so much... and it made me slightly angry because that girl spends so much money on polish and then just wastes it by drinking it. Geez, at least I would give the bottles a good home! :p

  7. Firstly, that's such a pretty red! Secondly, I've seen that online before and OMG I just can't even imagine drinking nail polish!

  8. Maybe they had a bad translator who mixed up strawberries and blueberries?

  9. Really pretty colour (in fact I think I have this!) but the name is sooo wrong lol I don't even want to watch that video, the thought alone makes me wanna be sick :( blergh.

  10. Hey y'all! Thank you for echoeing my thoughts about that name, it's just logical :p

    About that vid, I am actually worried about that self destructive girl, but I think the blog I Drink Nail Polish is not hers! In fact, I had been looking around and found it some time ago, and couldn't find it back! So thanks Jenni ^^

    Anyhow, I can't tell you "stay aout of polish" (obviously) but... be safe!

    1. Yes, its a different person, but the blog name I drink nail polish, so weird...

  11. I kept looking and looking but I don't see the blueberry in this color, nonetheless it's very pretty :) As for "My Strange Addiction"... once I start watching it, I can't stop. I hope that girl got the help she needs.


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