lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Kiko Holographic grey

Hey there!

I just wanted to show you the polish I am currently rocking at work; it might be no news for you, but this is my first holo ever. I thought it would be somehow shitty, and I couln't be more wrong. I love this stuff, seriously!
This is the first time I show both my hands / nails in their true to life state: post-moving out. It could also be named post apocalyptical nails, slightly exaggerating the whole thing. The nail on my middle finger (left hand) has already broken two times, and it's been recently the turn of my index finger (right hand) - all I have to say to my nails is: if I had wanted asymmetric nails I would be the happiest woman in the world but hey, guess what? I just want my nails to be perfect. F*ck me, right?!

Well Ladies, happy monday. Do not get discouraged for Friday is on its way already!


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  1. Woah, look at that holo affect! It's so strong and gorgeous! What, you don't want asymmetrical nails?! :P

    ~ Yun

  2. Yeah, I don't know what it is, but at a certain point my nails break, one by one, close in time. It's cyclical maybe? Your nails still look good. You did a nice job shaping them!

  3. Hahaha! With you on the nail breakage sitch!! I only just got my first holo too! Go us being last on the bandwagon!! What brand is it? It's lovely. I got the Ozotic ones, but I've since fallen in love with all of the Jade holos, soooooo holo-y!

  4. Hi! I think your nails look fantastic, especially considering moving not too long ago. It took way longer for my nails to recover, I can assure you!

  5. I've only had one nail break and it was doing laundry! It was so weird. I'm like you; I like having my nail lengths consistent. I had to super-nub every nail on my right hand (remember my Valentine's Day mani?).

    That gray is AMAZING. I lovelovelove holos! It looks quite similar to Layla Flash Black; how was the application? Did you need an aqua base?

    1. Ana! nubbinizing your nails againt your will never a good thing! Well, the application of this one was very very easy, without any kind of problem. Two coats and top coat, easy peasy! It has been chipping quite easy though...

  6. Great polish. I am seeking for a holo polish here in my town, but until now with any luck :) I am not giving up, I will find one!

  7. I feel your pain. I'm very careful with my nails and recently they were very long - possibly the longest they'd ever been. But every tiem I have them at a nice length, something dumb happens to break one or two of them clean off and I just file them all down. :') Your nails do look fine though. And that polish is amazing, it looks great on you too. I hope to own one of those one day!

  8. Hey, CN! Check out this tutorial for fish braiding nails!

  9. I love the nail polish!! LOL I laughed so hard with this post, try using a strength base coat I heard good stuff about the deborah one and the essence strengh base coat works good for me :)COuld you please consider following each other? Today's post is a video about my trip and my adventures there( BOY DRAMA INCLUDED) Twitter:@shineonbyandrea

  10. OH MY GAWD!!! Where do you get this babe from?? I seriously need it!
    By the way, your nails look a bit a-symmetric, did you notice? :-P
    LOL sorry, I just couldn't help it...
    THEY LOOK PERFECT! Stop whining!!!

  11. It is really beautiful and fortunately I have it! :-)


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