jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Girly french manicure


It's obvious I'm on holidays: two posts in a week, yay! My nails suck right now, and every time I stare at them I just want to cry. First world women problems. I spent one entire day disassembling my furniture and carrying it up and down, and another entire day reassembling the furniture and placing it where I thought it belonged in my new appartment. Add a lot of dust to the equation and you will obtain ten tortured nails. I had spent quite a lot of time shortening them before such ordeal, but apparently it wasn't enough *sobs* So while I pamper them and transform them into ten long and healthy nails, I will post some pictures from my archive of un-posted manis.
This french one is from a little while back; I used Sally Hasen Insta Dry Petal Pusher (two coats) and Zoya Kimber for the tips. I just needed to cover that nasty nail line...

I'm not trying to make you girls jealous, but I will be spending 1h15 in the hands of a skilled masseur this afternoon, in order to relax and de-stress. I can't wait!

Keep it up, we're Thursday already! One day to go for freedom.


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  1. ooooh! I kinda LOVE this color combo! enjoy your pamering... I am jealous

  2. For me Thursday is the last working day of the week (my week begins on sunday. not on monday) and right now I am just about to go home and get my freedom (YAY!!!)

    This girly mani is actually gorgeous! I really like your combos. The nude and the pinkish red... YUMMM!!!
    I am so sorry for your tortured nails though. I really hope they will get back in no time!!!

    Do enjoy your massage... you sure deserve it so much! (which does not reduce my jealousy...)

  3. Your smile lines are perfect!! Really nice funky french! Enjoy your massage, I'm not jealous either. I am happy for you! So perfect after moving heavy furniture!

  4. Gorgeous mani!

    I am totally jealous of your massage :P

  5. I love your french mani. I never would have thought to do red/pink tips, and they look fabulous! Ah, I have been counting down the days to weekend and freedom since Monday. Thankfully it's almost here. :-)

    ~ Yun

  6. Great french mani.
    Hope your nails are better today, after a bit pampering and massage :) I am anxious to see all the new manicures, after you are relaxed and put each thing were it belongs in your new apartment. Have a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful mani!! I hope your nails get better soon!!

  8. Aw, sorry your nails are having a rough time (first world problems really are a bitch, aren't they?). This is such a cute look--I love the near-mannequin nude with the bright, cheerful tips!

    Mmm, massage... ♥


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