miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2012

Heavy Metalilac

Well hey!

I've seen my followers' counter going up quite quick this week, so I would like to welcome all my new followers :) I am also more thankful every day to the people I keep commenting back and forth with. You all feed my blog and my heart. I'll be doing a giveaway whenever I reach 100, if I ever do, so stay tuned for that!

I'm really satisfied with my week so far, I've been working 100% on a project that I have with the Criminal Law Department at my firm: we're working on a new edition of the Criminal Code where each and every article has its own case laws properly systematized. It's a huge work and needs to be ready to be printed from the 1st October. I'll have my name printed at the back of the book and all... I can't wait!

Well, as I am a heavy worker right now, I thought it was a great occasion to show you Catrice's Heavy Metalilac. 
I'll try not to go crazy and all while describing this, but OH MY GOD! And I assure you this pictures don't do the polish any justice, it's much more vibrant and bright in live. As it had already happened before, I found the consistency a little too thick, but a couple of drops of thinner have done a miracle, and now I just feel unbound and unlimited pleasure while thinking of this polish. A true nail polish orgasm, that's what it is. 

It makes me think of Lil Wayne's lyrics: "Got on my knees and asked my lord to keep me clear from the devil 'cuz [feel free to choose an end]" (On Fire).

It's Metalilac. Heavy Metalilac. Remember that name.


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  1. It looks beautiful! I'm like seriously drooling :)

  2. Es uno de los colores más especiales de Catrice, si te gustan los morados te recomiendo el Avalon de A England.

  3. Gorgeous purple!!! Your nails are long here! Really neat to have your name published in a law book!

  4. sooo so pretty. your nails are just perfect! congrats on getting published

  5. what a really metallic finish purple! looks great on you!!

    I've been following your blog for quite awhile now and I really like your blog! I've tagged you for a Liebster Award!

    Link here:

  6. First thing i noticed in the pictures is the floor. Is it the new one or the old one? ;-)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this polish! I love the color, the shiny finish and the way it looks on your nails!
    I don't own any Catrice (yet) but I seriously suspect that my X polish is a family member of the Metalilac!

    btw, GOOD LUCK on your project! Will you show us a pic of that back of the book with your name on when it's done????? :-D

  7. Hola guapísima, en mi blog tienes un premio :D

  8. "Metalilac" cracked me up pretty big! Pretty colour! And you have gorgeous nails! Love the shape.

  9. oooh hardwood floors again! Yay for new followers and for your awesome project. Best of luck with that! And that's a really pretty color! I love how vibrant it is! haha I like your description "nail polish orgasm" :D

    ~ Yun

  10. Many many many thanks for all your sweet comments ^^

  11. Greatly) I can`t find any words)

  12. Hola!!! De nuevo por aqui para decirte que te espera otro premio en mi blog,espero te guste :D

  13. beautifull color, i think i wouldnt wear it like this but i love to use purple in nail arts so i think this is a great color for that
    ill follow your blog :)


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