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Essence peel off base coat review


TGIF *a shitload of emphasis added*

Today's post is dedicated to the best base coat ever invented. Just like that. 

Essence has released a peel off base coat. You are supposed to apply it before your polish (wow), keep your mani for as long as you wish and then... gently peel the whole thing off instead of using a regular polish remover. Sounds shitty? It's not! I directly thought: glitter. Yeah babe, that's it. Let's proceed.
Welcome the Star of the post.
Apply a thick coat of base coat.
While drying the base coat becomes clear.
Essence recommends to wait 10 minutes for it to be completely dry. Hint: it should be completely clear.
Put on your nail polish and wear it as long as desired. I felt brave enough to put on Milani's one coat glitter in whichever color or name it is for the first time in one year. I am a coward 364 days a year, but sometimes I take my day off...
Fun part: peel that b*tch off! Easy!

See, that base coat has a huge potential in my opinion. Now my big question is: will this start to peel easily? Because if so... this won't be brilliant anymore. My mani is not over until I say it is over. I fear this will start peeling off whenever it suits it best; that would not be fun.
Anyhow, it would still be okay for one night out or a special occasion, feel me? I'd do anything not to remove a glittery  mani myself. ANYTHING. 
Would you give it a go?
It's time to get serious now. There's this whole cultural phenomenon going on around here lately; I am sure some of you will have already heard about it. For the ones who don't, the story is like so: in a little town called Borja (Spain) there was this granny called Cecilia Giménez. She was a full-time unoccupied person, and we all know this is a desperating situation. She went to mass assiduously, and day after day kept seing this painting in the church, called Ecce Homo. It had been a great painting, but two centruies' existence had torn it apart. 

One day, a wonderful idea popped into her head: she decided to restorate it. Oh, sorry, did I write "restorate"? Big mistake, I wanted to say "destroyed". Who will believe that for achieving this blasphemy work she only used watercolors, huh? Take a look:
Cecilia Giménez is in shock, and has agreed to cooperate with the authorities in order to determine the exact materials she used, to facilitate their removal. I can't tell you how much I laughed with this true story. Now, people are signing a petition so that the Ecce Homo is not restored to its former state, because in their opinion this version is much more XXIst century. 

I don't know for you guys, but I call this ART MURDERING.

Take care!


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  1. Okay. I'm trying to remain calm. I want- no I NEED this base coat ! Have you bought it online ? If so, WHERE ?

    And for the little story, at first I didn't read properly and I was like « Well, that shit is ugly but I don't understand why people signed a petition. The lady has the right to do a ''reproduction'' of the painting if she wants to » But then I realised she painted OVER the original one. This is sooooo funny ! hahaha thanks for the laugh.

  2. oh s...t!

  3. Yep. This base coat is pretty much the best invention ever. I'm a glitter freak but I always avoided wearing glitters because of how difficult they are to remove. xD Now I wear them whenever I want! <3

  4. I think It would be very useful for swatching. When swatching I get sick of having to remove one polish before applying another, especially glitters! It would be so much easier to just peel them off.

    As for the painting, I can't believe she painted over the top of it!

  5. I used this peel-off base and it wasn't so easy as u swatched it ! I think it depends on the polish - glitters are easier to peel-off, I guess.

  6. UAU, este invento es GENIAl! Nosotras tenemos algo muy parecido... un mejunje casero con goma arábiga, el maldito glitter...mmm
    Por cierto, no sé si habrás visto la manicura del Ecce Homo que hicimos!! ♥

    Jajaja, nos reimos muchísimo con la historia :)


  7. haha, that's a funny story, poor woman was probably freaking out over what she did!
    I was curious: do you think that a layer of a nail peels off with this base coat? If not, that sounds like the best invention ever!

  8. That base coat looks awesome. I'm totally thinking the same thing you are, that it would be great for a one-day glitter mani. Only question I have is does it peel cleanly off without taking off a layer of the nail with it?

    Haha that story made me laugh too. The before and after pictures look just laughably different. She took that painting and turned it into a cartoon. I wonder at what point did she realize that her restoration was going wrong lol.

    ~ Yun

  9. I am going to get some of this base coat!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, this is art murdering!

  10. hahahahahaha!! Now that was one helluva post! Thank you! :-D
    Ok, lemme try and get a little serious here: first - that base coat - I don't know why. I think it's that white - to - clear state that made me think about it but I seriously think that it's no base coat. It's simply a carpenter's glue.
    BUT - if it actually does let me take off some heavy glitter without soaking my cuticles in the acetone - I'll have two please.

    And as for that lil ole lady - yeah, it was here on the news too. I laughed like mad. And this was especially close for me to understand as I just returned from seeing some real restoration work of art.

    Poor J. I suspect that lady was just upset for calling her loved one - a homo.

  11. I also read that it's just carpenter's glue that has been mixed with water, just enough so that it's easier to apply. I have to try it! The glue I mean, not buying this "base coat". If it works, I'll be super happy since I'm also one of those that steer clear from glitter just because of the removal.

    ... and that restoration is hilarious!


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