domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

Mix 'n Match


Today I am showing you the mani I've been rocking all this weekend, of which I can't help but be a little proud of. I had my afternoon off on Friday and unvoluntarily dedicated most of it to doing my nails. Seriously, I think I've never spent so many time on nail art EVER, and it was quite a lot of fun! I should do it more often. Take a look:
So I took a look at my inspiration archive and could not make my mind on one single design so... I picked five of them and made some sort of mix and match with them! I need to credit The Daily Nail for the index design, it's totally hers; it's so cool but time-consuming... If you try it out (you should!) as part of a manicure I totally recommend to start with it, because you'll need to wait some time between stages, so you can proceed with the rest of the manicure while building this design up.

I had a party on Friday night and some people were like: "what?! YOU did that?!" [re-thinking about it I'd answer "yeah, I can do more than procedural writs, awesome right?"] and "nah, those nails aren't yours"; even my mother felt the urge to take my hands on picture this morning. It feels daaaaaamn nice! If I was a cat right now, I'd purr badly.

Sadly, I have to take them off because tomorrow is Monday already *sobs* so I needed to immortalize them (sort of) in my little bloggy :) Hope you like them!

- Index: China Glaze Sea Spray, China Glaze Liquid Leather and Kiko nº 383.
- Middle: Gosh Silver, Flormar nº 385.
- Ring: China Glaze Snow, China Glaze Liquid Leather, Orly Green Apple, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, China Glaze Heli-Yum.
- Pinky: Essie Armed & Ready, IsaDora Gold Sparkles.


16 comentarios:

  1. Such a wicked mani, I especially love the index fingers, that must have taken for EVER!

  2. OH MY GAWD!!!!! This is like THE MOST WONDERFUL mani i've seen in.......... forever!!!
    I love the Mix and Match idea and you chose amazing designs hat simply ROCK together and I love your color combo and I just love everything about it!!!
    I think the people in your work need to learn to appreciate it a lot more! This is a master piece! You shouldn't be forced to remove it!!!

  3. Wow, these are super duper awesome! I love all the designs. And they look so fun together! :D

    ~ Yun

  4. Aah, these look so, SO amazing!! (^_^)

  5. This is so gorgeous, I can see why you are sad that you have to remove them - well painted :)

  6. Hell yeah you need to do it more often!!! They look fabulous!!!
    I hear ya about people, 99% of my coworkers never believe that I do my own nails. I think the thought of stamping on nails just mesmerizes them! :))

  7. Amazing! You are truly talented! Your designs are perfect! I LOVE them!

  8. ok,so. how do you do the drip effect?! tutorial, please!! you did an excellent job on each one. kudos!

  9. wow love this! what a great mix & match! So gorgeous!!

  10. OooooOOOooOoOh! Your manicures always look so damn immaculate, and now you've even made me want to wear nail art! I'm impressed!

  11. This looks amazing! The mixing 'n matching works great!

  12. Gorgeous look. Even though they all look so different they work really well together :)

  13. uuuu mola un monton Mati!!! :)
    Increible que t'hagis fet la ma dreta amb la ma esquerra :D! quina enveja! I flip!
    Aviam si aviat et deixen més tranquila a la feina i ens veiem.

  14. So this mani reminds me of a patch work quilt! Not in that the designs look like quilts, but in the sense that like a quilt, you mix and match your favorite things - Designs, colors, patterns to make ONE amazing design that you love! I love the mix and match idea and yours is super cool. I love all of the designs you chose! You must work in a job where you can't have fun nails. :( I've been there. So sad to have to have "neutral" nails five days a week.


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