martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness month - Pink manicure nº 3

Hey there,

If you've been sticking with me for a while you'll know I've been wanting to do a chained manicure for a couple of eternities now. Back then, I purchased a necklace off eBay, just to tear it apart because it was way cheaper than buying jewellery chain from a craft store. I have more chain than I will ever use, which is good. It feels safer to know I won't run out, ya know. Just in case.

So, I finally got to try chained nails for the first time, and I am so happy with the result I went a little over-excited in the weekend, looking at my nails all the time. It felt like a gothic bubblegum manicure... 

I started with two coats of ChG Snow, added two coats of Nfu-Oh nº FS12 and then added the chain. Easy peasy!

Nfu-Oh nº FS12 is actually a neon, and that's exactly why my camera boycotted it. And so did Photoshop. The closer color I've been able to obtain was this one: 
But for once, the pictures are doing a crappy job with the talking, so let me say this: it was like a barbie pink, extra hot and vibrant, you would expect it to glow in the dark. Even in the shade, it was so in-your-face that I think if you open the dictionnary at "Neon" you'll find a picture of this polish. The quintessence of neon.

So, I loved this edgy look, but couldn't get quite used to the bumpiness of the chains on my nails. Anyhow, I'd totally wear this again for a special occasion when I'll want my nails to really stand out. Like, always.

What do you think?


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  1. What a cool idea! Love the chain, it is edgy. I can see the neon in the last photo. Your nails look wonderful!

  2. Love it! I love the chain with the pink nails..perfect. Edgy but girly at the same time!

  3. Your the ghost rider chick :) Love how does small chains look on your nails, great combination whit that neon polish!

  4. Yummmmm!! That chain does look awesome!!!
    Hahaha gothic bubblegum is exactly what I would think of. That - or Barbie gothic...
    Anywho I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

  5. Wow, that's such a cool idea, and it looks amazing on the nails! Love it! :-)

    ~ Yun

  6. Wow, this is such a fab idea! The chain looks awesome on the nails 7 that pink is gorguz!

    Aysh xox

  7. This is so so so so so cute oh my gosh! The chains are just too adorable! :)

  8. Holy wow! That color is amazeballs!! The chain accent is really cool too. I don't think I would have ever thought to use it, but I love it!

  9. The neon is breathtakingly awesome!! I am a BRIGHT and BOLD maniac LOL BRAVO!!
    from sunny south ALABAMA.....cheekyDM60

  10. Wow that pink is FLUORESCENT! It's awesome! And the chain gives this many such a cool edge, I love it!

  11. Dude, this mani looks FANTASTIC!!! Goth Barbie.. Haha :)))

  12. Wow! This looks so amazing. Simple yet classy.


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