miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

Breast Cancer awareness month. Pink manicure nº 5


Quick post again, I've been busy as hell! Those are the nails I was rocking until an hour ago. I was in the mood for a delicate and sweet thing (yeah, for a contrast) so I tried a nude from Essence's new collection, Cotton Candy. 
I was super impressed at first! Great opacity (this is two coats) and drying time. It changed me from Dior Ivory, and seemed a cheap and nice solution. BUT this beauty has turned into a nightmare when air bubbles started appearing after a day of wear underneath the first coat of polish. While in court today a part of it lifted and came off completely, just as if it was a false nail. So thanks Essence, I spent the rest of the morning with my hands in my pockets. So appropriate.
Have a great end of the week!


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  1. lovely nails!
    beautiful natural colours.

  2. Beautiful mani but such a sad story :-(
    Real embarrassment too!
    This is something that I don't think I have ever encounter! I wonder what caused it. I find it hard to believe it is the polish in general. There must have been something that cause it!

    And Discordia is amazing!! Such a pretty lady!

  3. Discordia approved LOL - super feminine :)

  4. it's a pretty one :) come see my manicure, too :)

  5. Beautiful French mani!!! Love the extra stripe on top. Discordia is so cute. I did not realize how small she is. Maybe it's nudes, I had bubbling problems with mine too. If I see bubbling I start all over again, but my bubbling showed up long after top coat was applied, so wierd!

    1. Bubbles always ruin the whole thing, but we're better off if they appear quickly!

      And yes, Discordia is about 55cm long, she's just a baby for now!

  6. Gorgeous mani! So soft and classy! :-)
    Yikes, sorry to hear that it just lifted completely off. Not cool at all.

    ~ Yun

  7. Such a lovely elegant mani hun! Disappointing to hear about the polish, but I bet it looked fab anyhoos!

    Aysh xoxo

  8. Tenemos un amor /odio con Essence... Es cierto que los colores y los toppers que tienen son preciosos y muuuuy baratos, pero siempre nos ha parecido una marca bastante mala. Problemas con el secado y las burbujas... Kiko también nos ha dado problemas de burbujas con sus top coats... al final hemos decidido que las burbujas salen por la calidad del esmalte porque con otras marcas no nos pasa eso. Y siempre los usamos de la misma forma.
    Tu manicura nos ha parecido preciosa a pesar del esmalte, igual que tu serpiente, es una preciosidad!! Tiene nombre?

    1. Sí! Las burbujas son un asco, pero estas aparecieron pasado un día, y levantaron todas las capas de pintauñas... Vamos, que destrozaron mi manicura. :'(

      La serpiente se llama Discordia ;)

  9. Es una francesa preciosa!! :D La verdad es que hasta ahora no he tenido ningún problema de burbujas con Essence aunque sí con Catrice... así que supongo que será más cosa de cómo se encuentre el esmalte en cuestión... Lo que sí es una verdadera faena es estar de cara al "público" y que se te estropee la manicura, porque ya no te comportas de forma natural :S y estás todo el día ocultando las manos.


  10. Oh no! I hare when that happens. Every so often I have a polish do that to me, but usually only because I didn't let it dry long enough. I keep an acetone soaked felt square wrapped in foil in a baggie in my purse for such occasions, though. I would rather have naked nails than messed up nails! Drives me and my OCD nuts! Love your pretty stripes!

  11. Man, that happened to me at work too!!! I took off my gloves and bam, my index fingernail was bare!! I'm such a scatter head that I thought that maybe I missed polishing it?? Haha, but it was my swatch hand so impossible!! Stupid nail polish and embarrassing as well!!
    Discordia is beautiful!!!!!


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