jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

Anny Buttermilk Hills.


Today's post is a simple swatch of a polish I bought long ago, tried on my nails instantly and made me fell out of love almost that quickly too. Anny Buttermilk Hills. A potentially gorgeous grey with sparse pink shimmer. But, do not be mistaken; in reality, this is a mere shimmery grey. No pink at all. Pink decided to stay inside the bottle, chillin' and bitchin'.
Now, I won't lie to you. Application was a breeze, two coats for full opacity. Average/speedy drying time. And yeah, let's be honest: the color is nice. A little bit like in the Frozen Queen style. With my skintone, that is. Sorry for the more tanned readers, we'll have to find another style for you.

BUT it still tastes like disappointment to me a year after. Swatched once, Buttermilk Hills sings "like a virgin", untouched ever since, while it collects dust on the shelf, poor thing. Anyone wanting to adopt it?

As an off-topic, here are two pictures of Discordia (specially for you, Jinny Jin). I wanted to take better pictures of her, but she's currently about to shed her skin. It's called ecdysis, and it causes the outer layers of her skin to become paler, almost milky, and her eyes to be opaque. This partial blindness causes her stress, so I try to leave her alone until it's done. In a few days she'll work herself out of this outer layer of skin and appear with her new and brighter skin. So I figure the waiting will be worth it!

See you around,


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  1. Oh I am so in love!!! Discordia is simply gorgeous!!! <3
    What is she doing with that hose? Is she trying to make love or something? ;-)

    Oh yeah, there was a polish in the post too... sorry, I almost missed it :-P
    It's lovely and I love grays but I agree: it tastes like a disappointment. I wanted to see those pink shimmers!!!

  2. "Potentially gorgeous"... there are several polishes out there that fit that description! Love it! Wow, I don't know much about snakes so this is interesting to watch her skin shed.

  3. It looks great on you, even without the pink shimmers. And Discordia is surprisingly cute to me, even though I'm not a fan of snakes. :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. Too bad about the pink deciding not to leave the bottle, it would have been beautiful.
    I'm not offering to adopt her, she would be in the same situation here - and every polish needs a loving home ;)
    Discordia is gorgeous!!

  5. I am curious how Discordia will look like next time with her new skin :) About the polish, I like it on your nails, even if it does not have that pink shimmer! Have a great weekend, maybe with a little Halloween celebration:)

  6. Hola!! Tus uñas son preciosas :) Ya sabes que somos fans. No conocemos nada de esta marca, Anny, tiene un frasco muy bonito, sencillo, pero se debe vender en Estados Unidos no?

  7. Okay, first off, I am not a fan of snakes. We have rattle snakes where I live and they are, well, a little scary. But your Discordia is very pretty! What kind of snake is she? I think snakes are so beautiful after they shed their skin. So shiny and bright. We also have bull snakes, and they are our friends because they eat mice. I don't have a lot of grey polishes, like you I would have loved the pink shimmer. The Madonna reference makes me giggle! :)


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