domingo, 28 de octubre de 2012

Dior Waterlily. A walk through a rose garden...

Hello there!

This is a quick post for I am writing this right before flying to a Flamenco Night with my lady friends. I am not a huge fan of it, but I figured it's just because I've never listened to good live flamenco music. So I hope anyways, which is exactly why I am giving it a chance tonight! 

This weekend has been quite calm polish-wise. I've been enjoying a relaxing full manicure: Dior Waterlily. I first saw this beauty over at Jin's and instantly fell in love with it. I was a little out of budget already, so waited till I was rich again (what a joke!) and went for it. But it had been retired from sale some days before! I cried on the inside, and played my charms over the Dior lady. A week after, she had found it still un-retired in another store and had it brought to Barcelona. 1 up!
I only used two coats plus top coat here. And let me tell ya': this polish is exactly what I expect a Dior to be. Perfect formula, drying time and scent! Yes, it's a rose scented polish. Adorable! Have a peek at that subtle shimmer..! I am positive on this: I will be wearing Waterlily a few more times!

What do you think?


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  1. oh this is soo lovely... i dont have this one in particular, but looks soo nice on your nails:-)...

  2. It looks amazing on you!!!
    And you captured that shimmer, especially in the last photo... WOAH!!
    I'm glad you like the scent too, because not many like scented polish ;-)
    And that Dior lady - SOOO nice of her! Tell her I said so too ;-)

  3. It's gorgeous!!! Your nails are long too! That was so nice of the sales lady to help you get this polish.

  4. It really is such a pretty color (not too crazy about the scent tho) - thanks for sharing...

  5. Beautiful shade! I am curious how your flamenco night was with your friends. I love Spanish music!

  6. What a gorgeous color! I'm so glad you were able to find it. I love the subtle shimmers. Only wish I could smell the polish via the web lol. Hope you had a fun night! :-)

    ~ Yun

  7. que pasada de color! antes pensábamos que estos tonos eran más para el verano pero nos negamos a renunciar a ellos siguen estando de actualidad con el frío.. además en tus uñas quedan genial, la verdad es que personalmente me entran ganas de dejármelas cuadradas una temporada y eso que no era muy fan pero tan cuidadas quedan estupendas!

    esperamos que disfrutaras en el espectáculo flamenco!


    1. Mil gracias! :D Yo tampoco quiero renunciar a ciertos colores porque sea invierno. Ya que se oscurece todo, y el frío acecha, por qué no aprovechar para llevar un color alegre en las uñas?

  8. I have no Dior polish. This color is simply gorgeous on you! Love that subtle shimmer!


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