sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Worksafe Manis - 1) The Subtle Gradient.

Hello everybunny!

A while back I had a manicure crisis because I refrained myself from wearing a lot of colors and combinations on my nails from Monday to Friday. I don't have anything against a plain manicure, they look neat and tidy, but it got boring. I felt I was forced to wear one-color manicures and so it became not a personal option but a sort of obligation. And that's when I became a bad, bad, bad blogger and disappeared on you.

So, as I will have to wear low profile manicures at least 5 days a week for a little while, I decided to start a series of worksafe-yet-funky manicures, for all nail maniacs out there with demanding jobs! The first one in this series is The Subtle Gradient:
I was super duper happy with this one, it's subdued yet girly, and enjoyed wearing it for 5 days in a row. For this, I used Kiko Nude and Illamasqua Loella. Loella is quite sheer and was perfect to create this subtle gradient effect in minutes :)

Have a nice weekend!


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  1. Cool, looking forward to seeing more of work-friendly manis. :) There's not enough of these out here in this part of the blogosphere (I know, I know; because they're often deemed boring and not worthy of getting published).

  2. Me encanta!! el día 1 empiezo a trabajar en una oficina alemana y probablemente tenga que usar manicuras asi de lunes a viernes, asi que estoy deseando que nos enseñes mas propuestas, un besote.

  3. That is indeed work safe - and very subtle and elegant!

  4. First - I am happy that you decided to pull yourself together and get back here! :-P
    I really miss you, you know.....
    And second - I love this mani! I don't really need any "work safe" manicures but I think I am so going to try this combo! It's fun and girly and what I really like about it is the fact that the pink over the nude looks more like blush then nail polish ;-)
    I LOVE this effect!!!

  5. Wow, this manicure is absolutely gorgeous. I love it

  6. Oh, I'm excited for this new series! It's definitely very helpful to most of us :D
    The subtle gradient is THE new thing now! I saw some models rocking it at fashion week, they combined it with some nail arts but I think it looks great on its own too <3 And I absolutely love the colors you've choose! Hihi Haven't wear KIKO's Nude in a while, though it's one of my favorite nudes *_* thanks for reminding me of this great polish!

  7. Love the theme and love the end result - cute and yet discreet!! Plus, that gradient is beautifully done :))

  8. This gradient won my heart, it looks amazing and very delicate yet girly.

  9. Subtle but very cute! What a great idea!


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