domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

Maybelline falsies in Triple Dipper. The Galactic nailporn goddess look...

Hey there!

It's been *ages* since I last posted... in fact, I think this one is the first free weekend that I've had in around 10 weeks. I am not complaining though, I've been doing productive stuff like writing an article on a subject no one cares about or preparing for a big trial that I think will make the local news. Yikes!

I have SO MANY projects though, and the big question is: will they see the light [of this blog]? Suspense..! What will surely, doubtlessly & definitely catch the light of your screen will be my purple hair. Soon. Very soon. I have already purchased two glorious shades of purple, and will dye my hair as soon as I leave the office towards those 3 amazing holiday weeks. It'll be around August, so stay tuned for this if it's something you consider losing a couple minutes of your lives with ;)

For now, I will show you what I wore yesterday at a birthday dinner :) First off, one of my two pairs of galaxy leggings. Best buy ever. And as I was in a rush because I had been a lazy bum all afternoon, I just glued on a set of falsies that I had been saving for such an occasion: Maybelline ColorShow false nails in Triple Dipper. Glorious neon nail porn, before your very eyes...
As I said, NEON! Admittedly this is a super fake look, but there's always a time where a girl likes to be crazy, or at least I know I do. Those have a considerable length but were very easy to apply, long-lasting and very comfortable. They come in all sorts of sizes and I had no problem whatsoever finding the correct ones for my piggies :) me likes that. They're not re-usable though, because once you lift them to take them off they will start deforming and flattening... so sad!

Not everything was in your face with me yesterday. I wore bed head, simple make-up, a very cute MAC lipstick (Chatterbox) and a very nice top that I bought off Sheinside to tone it all down...
Be bad & wonderful...


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  1. I like your bright colored nails, even if they are fake, they look great together with the black top! I am very curious about your new hair color!

  2. Amazing post !Would you like to follow each other?

  3. OMG you're back!!! YAY!!!
    Well, I am glad to know those are fake nails cause I was all like "hey, where's my favorite stiletto's???" but it does look extremely good and I totally love this mani! I might have to try it on my piggies soon ;-)

    I also can't wait to see your purple hair! I LOVE it!!! Currently I have a group of hair iun purple, a group in green and a group in blue-turquoise but all together they form a rather small group really... :( I wish I could do my whole head but if I did that, I wouldn't be able to undo it after a while... so I better not even start LOL

    Anyway, so good to "see" you again!!!

  4. Wow, those are some fabulous falsies! Super love the neon. Best of the best with all your upcomings! :D

  5. Waaaah it's neon and it's so cool! I always wanted to try this kind of nail art but I just have too many designs waiting to be done -.-


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