sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

Gold, hearts, negative space...

Hey there!

How is everyone? :) 

Today I am showing you the manicure I did last weekend, for a special occasion: I was seeing my lady friends! We're a group of 7 close friends since we were 16. Well, that's when I started hanging out with them, for I am the last addition and some of them know each other since they were 6 months old! After school everyone has traveled a lot & studied abroad so seldom are the occasions when we all or almost all can meet. Last weekend was one of those times, and we managed to get an almost complete get-together (only one of us was missing).  

So I sported some hearts and gold for that special event:
The hearts were freehanded with thinned-out polish :) 
The black and gold nails were done with a Nail Rock gold foil kit I bought in Paris. It's super easy to use, but the gold foil sticks everywhere... literally. If your hands are a little sweaty, it will stick, if you poured a tiny amount of liquid somewhere, it will stick to it, if your tweezers are a little magnetic-y, they will stick... But hey, you have a blanket of gold foil [honest!], so the kit is really worth your money. And in case of emergency, you're covered:

Your thoughts?


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  1. Aww it's great to meet all friends again. Our group barely gets together too but we also plan a reunion next week :) Your nails look fab! I love the heart tips and the gold foil with the black background so much. Very chic and rockish. Oh and your bow ring is so cute too hihi

  2. Cute looking mani for a great event, The hearts suite your nail shape very well!

  3. Qué preciosidad, me encantan los rojos y negros pero más todavía si le añades dorado, esas laminillas que has usado nunca tuve la oportunidad de probarlas... pero quedan preciosas! Un beso guapa

  4. Those cute hearts are kiiiiilling me! Love that you also dotted the edge of your nail to do the full heart shape ;)
    And I can totally get your point with the gold leaf - you gotta be sooo careful! It's worth it though ;) I absolutely love the look of it on any mani - gorgeous and lush! *

  5. I love the shape of your nails and this design is stunning! The gold leaf is perfect with the black xx

  6. This is such a cool mani! The gold foil looks so amazing and the hearts suit your nail shape perfectly! :)

    ~ Yun

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