jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Heart tips over Superficially Colorful Lacquer in GIGGLY


Let's follow up with Superficially Colorful Lacquer in Giggly, shall we? I found this polish to be so lovely as its creator, Jin, so I tried my hand at some textured heart-tips:
Heart tips, that's something I could not really do with oval nails; and I was dying to! I think they are so cute! I stopped at two accent nails per hand because I don't use to be all-in when it comes to a girly girly manicure. It's just that I naturally give this image of a smiling harmless young lady and I prefer not to give more circumstantial evidence in this regard. Basically because the image people get and my true self just don't match. 

Well, just a couple of weeks ago I ordered a Coca light and the waitress asked me for my ID. I am still traumatized.
- Excuse me?
- Your ID... I mean, you look so young.
- For what?
- For the beer you ordered?
- What beer? I ordered a Coca light..! 

For Christ's sake, I am f*cking 24 years old! Having been a criminal lawyer in practice for 2 years is obviously not phisically marking. I hate when this happens. Just imagine when it happens in Court! 
Although I have to admit it has made my work quite easy sometimes... *evil smile* Never ever judge someone by her looks. Never.

Back to the cute heartsies... They have been done with OPI Pussy Galore, the manageability of which surprised me. For a textured polish, it behaved very well: it did not get textured right on the heart's borders, you know? When it has to be nice, smooth and curvy.

Hope you like them! I am off enjoying my last day in France!

Take care & be bad,


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  1. Love this heart at the tips! really cute!

  2. I love the heart! I have never been able to do stuff like that...Im afraid to give up my square nails!

    1. That's exactly what I did and I don't regret it! I am loving stilettos! Although I admit your nails are just perfect... I would be worried to give them up too!

  3. Hahaha, fun reading, young girl ;)
    I think your tips are perfect for the hearts!

    I think that waitress had a crush on you! She even missed the Cola Light and actually she only wanted to see your ID to get some data on you to be able to look you up later! :-P

    I really love your new nails shape! It suits you so well!
    And those heart-tips are gorgeous, even if it's an OPI ;-))
    And you're such a cutie too! ♫♪♫

    1. Hahahahaha, Jin! You have one retorted mind :p But... Maybe?

      Thank you for your comment ^^

  5. Cute! I can never grow my nails long enough to shape them like that.

    1. Hey Helen! Many thanks! Maybe you could try some nail hardener to help you with that?

  6. Awwwwh this is so cute - the hearts are so sweet :)

  7. These are so cute I LOVE the heart tips xx
    Just found your blog and am following, maybe you would like to check out and follow ours?

  8. I have been abit naughty recently, not blogging or reading (mainly because I was broke and got depressed when I couldn't go and get new varnishes... yada yada...)

    But I'm just catching up with your blog and I love everything I'm seeing/reading!!! Really love these nails though, I'm a sucker for anything pink purple or with hearts :)

    1. Hahaha, I hope you're over your depression now ^^ Thank you!

  9. This is soooo cute! I've never seen heart tips before, so I'm just amazed by the cleverness and cuteness of it all. Love that you went with a texture polish for the hearts... it really makes them pop. :)

    ~ Yun

  10. this is so so cute i love this thanks for sharing


  11. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! What an episode!!! Hahaha! I'm soon to be your age... but trust me no one mistakes me for a young girl lool! I guess that means you're going to get to 30's looking like 20's (I hope that happens to me!!)

    About your nail art, I love the polish... very much! Its beautiful! The one thing I am jealous of people like you and your nails is the damn heart, it goes so well with those type of nails! I should buy some acrylics just to make that nail art! lool Kisses,



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