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TUTORIAL: Totum Revolutum manicure

Hey you :)

As promised, here's the tutorial for my multi-colored manicure, that I called Totum Revolutum (click here)! Here's what you will going to need:
Introductory notes:

  • Your base coat should be chosen wisely according to the result you are willing to achieve (i. e. for a neon finish, pick up a white), especially if the colors you have chosen are not 100% opaque (hello jellies!).
  • The plastic sheet can be replaced by almost anything plastic, provided that it is easily pliable. You will need to bend it, so try to avoid anything too stiff.
  • The plastic sheet can be transparent or opaque, but remember that only the first will allow you to see: (i) if the polish has covered the wole nail, and (ii) the approximate pattern you've obtained.
  • The paper sheet is merely here to provide you somewhere to stick the plastic pieces after using them, you can replace it by anything of your choice that suits this purpose.
  • I chose three cremes for this tutorial, but there's really no number limit (between 2 colors and the infinity, you're good).

Let's get started:

1. After applying your base color and letting it dry, the first thing you should do is prepare all the nail ware you will going to use for the Totum Revolutum

Cut as many pieces of plastic sheet as nails you will be polishing, and even some more just in case. The pieces should be rectangular, as shown below, so that you can rest your finger on it, securing it, and still use it to mix the colors you have chosen.
2. Work somewhere polish-proof; I used the same ol' plastic mat I use for all my manis.

Start adding blobs of colors randomly, and be sure to be generous. Otherwise, the colors will not mix and the result won't be as nice:
3. The result should look something like the picture below. Let's pospose the cuticle flooding worrying here and let's enjoy the mess!
4. Place a plastic sheet under your finger and secure it so the plastic won't move. Take the other end of the plastic piece and place it over your nail:
5. Stick the plastic to the wet polish on your nail...
6. ... and press your finger randomly over the plastic and the polish, so that the colors will start to blend together. No need to be gentle, but try to cover the whole nail! When you see a nice result through the plastic, take it off.
If you're not satisfied with the end result after taking off the plastic, you can add some more blobs of color and start again right away, until you're happy with it.

Remember to stick the plastic you just used face down on a piece of paper so as to avoid making more of a mess than necessary ;)
7. Use a wooden stick to take the excess polish off your cuticle area and try to trace a nice and curvy line to follow duning the clean up process.

8. Messy as it is, let it dry. 

I waited for around 15 minutes before moving to the next step. It worked for me, but you will want to wait for a little longer if you haven't used speedy dry polishes, or if you have re-started the process on some of the nails ;)
 9. When dry, clean the whole thing up and top coat it! Voilà!
I hope this tutorial will help you in your manicure adventures :) Please do not hesitate to comment below with the links to your own Totum Revolutum, I'd be happy to see what y'all came up with!

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  1. Great tutorial! It creates such a lovely look. Why didn't I check bloglovin half an hour ago when I had no clue what to paint on my nails? (they've ended up with polka dots and the odd gradient) Definitely going to try this out soon!

    1. Thank you, Rosie! You still have time to replicate it! If you do, let me know :D

  2. That's really pretty ! But really hate having to remove the excess of nail polishes around my nails, so this type of nail art isn't for me... But it's still beautiful !

    1. Ahh I know what you mean, it's not the best part for sure! What I do is use non-acetone remover, I think it's stronger and makes the work quite easy ;)

  3. I really love this, its so cute - thanks for the tutorial :)


  4. Super tute, Matilde. I'm going to try it out this weekend. Wish me luck.

    Hey, would you be interested in my sending you a little "care package" of US goodies that you can't get over there in Spain?

    Lemme know, cutie! :)

    1. I do wish you luck, but you won't need it because it's super easy! :) I am responding your comment so late we've already planned a swap! Thanks for the proposal, cutie! :D

  5. Great tutorial! You make it look easy hehe. :)

    ~ Yun

  6. Definitely love your tip for sticking the plastic with polish face down on the paper xD I tend to get messes all around me. =P

    Great tutorial! I'm gonna have to give this a try sometime! :D

    1. I do too normally, so I kind of tried to prevent it from happening and it worked ;) Thanks!

  7. Awesome tutorial and I totally love this look!!!
    It looks so much better then the splat manis and it's so less messy and it looks GREAT!!! Thank you, I am going to give it a try soon!!!

    1. I have to try the splatter mani yet, but this one looks less messy indeed! :) Thank you, sweetheart!


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