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Nail & cuticle oils comparison

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Today's post will be focused on nail and cuticle oils; the ones I've tried over a 3 month period and what I consider to be their pros and cons. Nail polish addiction comes hand in hand with nail and hand care in general, and I know 99% of you are suckers for all hand care-related. The other 1% are too, but just don't know it yet ;)

Let's take a look at our contenders:

  • Orly Argan Cuticle Oil 
  • CND Solar Oil, Nail & Cuticle conditioner
  • Namira pure Almond Oil
  • Floressance pure bio Argan Oil
  • The Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil

So as you can see not all of these oils were meant specifically for nails or cuticles, for instance the almond, argan and shea oils are not sold as part of hand or nail care routine.

From my fave to my least fave, here are some notes on each and every one of our five contendants:

1. CND Solar Oil, Nail & Cuticle conditioner: all of you know about this oil, no wonder why. It smells nutty and sweet without being too strong, and works wonders. Its main ingredients are almond, jojoba and rice oils, so this stuff is packed with the perfect ingredients to battle dryness. 
I used it on my cuticles as well as on my bare nails, and it has become a part of my nail care routine ever since. What I do is I put on a thick coat of this on my bare nails and let it sit while watching TV, massage the oil into my cuticles and remove the residue before I put my next manicure on. 
It's not an instant miracle, so you got to hold on to it. After a couple of weeks the state of your nails will have greatly improved: more flexible, they will not break as easily, if they ever do.

2. Namira pure almond oil: I have been using this pure almond oil on my hands as an alternative to olive oil. Now, olive oil worked wonders but managed to make me hungry every time... You know, us Mediterraneans put olive oil into every dish, so it was a no go. 
Almond oil has to be kept at room temperature, preferably in a room with constant temp (i. e. avoid the bathroom where the temp is always up and down depending on how hot you take your shower) and never in contact with direct sunlight. Otherwise it will turn sour. 
Aside from that, it is amazing. It has a very subtle nutty smell and moisturizes skin like no other. Con: I know we're talking oils here, but this one is not a quick absorber. I've found it's perfect just before bedtime. I put around two teaspoons of this on my nails and cuticles every night, and they have become prettier than ever :) Just before turning my lights off, I combine it with some Solar Oil on my cuticle area; I just need those two in my life now!

3. Orly Argan Cuticle Oil: this cuticle oil has a lovely citric smell that does not last. Yes, I hate all lemon-related, and yet I can state this stuff has a lemon tinge that smells delicious; I won't say that twice. 
It absorbs quickly and leaves cuticles nice and ready for a whole afternoon at work. Orly qualifies it as being solely a cuticle oil, so I didn't use it directly on my nails.
I can't say this is the cuticle saver, but I will point this out to you: its main components are sunflower, argan and jojoba oils. How's that for moisture? I say we have a pretty good contender here! It now sits somewhere I can easily reach at lunchtime, when I am home.

4. Floressance pure bio Argan Oil: I was sure this would be the ultimate moisturizer beforehand, and I was wrong. It hydrates, yes. But it is by far the most greasy of all the oils I am featuring today. Although when I used it before going to bed, my hands felt dry the next morning when waking up. Like a sort of rebound effect, if that makes any sense. 
But that might not be the most annoying thing of argan oil... I will put it simple: it stinks. In fact, if you turn the bottle you will be able to read that its particular smell is a sign of quality and purity; sounds like an excusatio non petita to me. So, it is agreed: pure argan oil stinks. Which means that every product made out of it will be carrying fragrance, thus resting to its pureness. I could live with that in exchange for some nice smell... but I will surely bear it in mind if looking for a "pure" product. I will not re-purchase this.

5. The Body Shop Shea Beautyfying Oil: This is meant to be a body, hair and face oil. I thought if it worked on the hair it should work on my nails too. Maybe, or maybe not. I haven't been able to really tell if this is worth while, which is not a good sign, huh? 
It contains shea butter and almond oil among its ingredients. Being a dry oil it should absorb quickly, but it doesn't. And the greasy feeling becomes even more bothersome when handling dry oil. Not confortable at all, I just hated this stuff on my hands. The good thing is that is smells amazing.

My veredict is: pure almond oil combined with CND Solar Oil works wonders when used every day before going to bed. What is/are your favourite nail and cuticle products?

I hope this has been useful to you!

Take care,


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  1. I have had argan oil before, and it had no smell at all. I wonder if thats a difference in the processing?

    1. Maybe it is about processing, and maybe it is because mine is biological and 100% argan oil? I don't know, but it's a huge drawback! :'(

  2. I'm obsessed with hand and cuticle care, too!! Thanks so much for this terrific review, M. Got to get me some of that pure almond oil. And hey...I know what you mean about going "sour". Had an Essie cuticle pen arrive this week, delivered sour. Yuck.


    1. I am glad I have helped! Yuuuuck, just like you say! OMG delivered sour... maybe it has been exposed to heat? I hope they will replace it for you!

  3. This was actually a very (VERY!!!) interesting post and I enjoyed it greatly!!!
    I really love Argan oil but I never thought of using it for my nails. Don't even know why... I do use commercial amounts of it on my hair though, and it works wonders.
    However, my hair is curly. Maybe that's why it works so good there and not on the nail? Go figure... LOL

    It is good to know that the Shea oils don't do much either, because those products here are extremely expensive. So you just saved me a great deal!

    Lastly, I have to admit in shame that I have never yet tried the CND oil, although I do have a mini bottle of it at home. So I will give it a try soon and see how I like it!

    Thanks again for such an informative post!

    1. Hey Jin, GLAD to help! ^^ You need to grab some solar oil and try it, and then discard it if you really don't like it. I was not specially well pre-disposed being such a popular product, but it does work wonders :)

  4. you've done a great job right here, M. but... You should have mentioned that all these oils are very dangerous... to our clothes :P
    I have stained my fav pair of trouses with the cuticle oil and I had to say goodbye to them :( ;_;

    1. Hahaha, Paulina! You're so right! They are dangerous for clothes...


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