domingo, 16 de junio de 2013

Mrs. Doctor's manicure :)!

Hello darlings!

I am quite chuffed to show you today's manicure. Yup, I haven't been painting my own nails this weekend, but my friend Iris' ones. Welcome Mrs. Doctor's nails :p 

She finished her medicine studies just last Thursday, graduated on Friday and partied the night away on Saturday. I wasn't able to make those nails for her graduation, but we managed to meet before Saturday's party, so that's what she wore while celebrating she is now a doctor:
I started with a translucent shimmer from Kiko to add some light sparkle to the base, did the tips and pretty much freehanded everything else! I am so glad I bought my basic acrylics set... I had all the colors I needed there: red, black and white! So I took my time and drew some pills, heartbeats, red crosses, hearts, syringes and stethoscopes :) It took me a while, but I was very happy with the result. So she was, and that's what matters ^^ 

What do you think?


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  1. Qué bonita manicura!! Enhorabuena a tu amiga Iris!!! Terminar medicina es como para estar bien orgullosa. Un beso

  2. Oh my gosh, this is so cute and appropriate for the occasion! :D

    ~ Yun

  3. I think it's such a nice thing you did for a friend! Loved it! And the stethoscope is the cutest!!! :D

  4. What a cute manicure! What a powerful friendship, doctor and lawyer!

  5. This is just the cutest!!! I love this mani!!!
    At first I was like - whaaa, what did you do to your nails?! But then I actually read ;-)
    CONGRATULATIONS to your friend!! And tell her she has a very talented friend ;-)

  6. Cute and cartoony, love the subtle sparkly base!

  7. Congratulations to your friend. And her manicure looks so amazing, cute and pretty. You are very creative in making good nail designs. I thought this is only can be done with the nail designs. But you are very good in creating it from scratch. Maybe I should try translucent shimmer because it looks so nice to be a base to nail designs.

  8. Hy there!! I have found your blog and I'm very glad because you have a lot of interesting subjects and nail designs. I will follow you for sure. if you are in the mood for some nail designs please do not hesitate to visit my blog too. Kisses and thanks in advance.

  9. wow this is very cool! I like this a lot *__*

  10. Yuhuuuuuu!!!

    The manicure was the greatest of the night! Gràcies per tot Mati! I was sooooooo proud of my manicure!

    Powerfull friendship!



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