miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

Flower stamping - Nailz Craze 03 + Kiko Mango (nº 281)

Hello fellow polish devotees :)

I hope everything's okay: polish is on, cuticles are looking nice and no tipwear is showing yet. You know, all those essentials one can't simply live without...

I lusted and lusted over Nailz Craze plates 1 and 3, and guess what? I finally discovered Natalie's Etsy store (epic win, I'll make no further comments...) and bought myself the goodies ^^ I couldn't wait longer to use them, so here's the gorgeous flower pattern in Nailz Craze plate 03:
AND it is being my current NOTD, believe it or not! I think it's the first time I wear a stamped manicure at work and I am not regretting it one bit. I started with two coats of Kiko Mango (nº 281) which does not look at all like mango... But is a very in your face supposed-to-be-pink-but-appearing-red kind of color. Weird, really weird how hot hot pink it looks on the bottle and how red it looks 99,9% of the time!

After, I stamped the pattern with Kiko Nude (nº 372). The pattern seems to soften the base color, and the combination of nude and red is not as eye catching as it seems, which makes the combo quite wearable on a sunny day (week) of work.

Regarding the plates, what can I say? The design came out perfectly well on the stamp: the lines are crisp even if the stamping color is a neutral one. I can't wait to try the matrioshkas, the butterfly wings and the dandelion... in this order, please! 

Take care!


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  1. I love the flower design you used, and the red/nude color combo is awesome--fun, but not too fun that you can't wear it for work. :)

    ~ Yun

  2. I love the way the pattern looks over that "mango" pinkish red color. lol I would definitely wear this style any where. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. The flowers design on the plate is gorgeous! So pretty! Love them! And you always stamp so flawlessly! :)

  4. Your stamping iasso good, a couple of mine almost always look wonky!
    Do you find it harder stamping big patterns, like whole nail designs or do you think it's about equipment/technique? X

  5. Me gusta ese rojo mucho, pero mira que me resultan difíciles los estampados, no hago m´s que probar y probar y no logro la "perfección" además me resulta muy complicado elegir los esmaltes para estampar... algunos son muy transparentes y quedan fatal... :( Los que nunca me han fallado son los mirror de kiko.
    Un beso

  6. I love pink and orange together! Your stamping job is well done!

  7. Wow, your stamping is spot ON! Love the color combo. That nude works perfectly with the hot pink.

    Great mani!

  8. I love the stamping (have the NC03 plate, too)!


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