domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

Glequin Mix&Match over Amable Chartreuse (again)

Hello nailporn seekers!

I hope your weekend has been a nice one! I seem to be changing habits, for I've had a whole lot of time to relax and do what had been postponed for too long, plus a whole lotta nothing..! Feels good, I won't deny it.

I have taken my time to re-organize my stash since I found out the cleaning lady is so thorough with her cleaning duties that she cleans my polish shelves. It makes me happy that someone will take care of my babies as much as I do. It really does. What she's not that thorough about is how she organizes the polish after cleaning... And that's just how you find Chanel's Péridot right next to China Glaze First Mate. I challenge any of you (and her), my beloved readers, to find a realistic criteria that could bring those two polishes together in a non-randomly organized stash.

I hope you're not sick of looking at Kiko's Amable Chartreuse. I am conscious it's the third time I am starring it here, and I do promise it's the last. I just couldn't keep this glequin nail art to myself ;) It was such a mood-booster..! That colour does really have something special! And the glequins just popped up, take a look:
This was done last week, and I had a party in mind. But the party turned out to be on an intimate flat roof [in short, that means no light. Karma?], so only one person was able to notice it ;) 

Here's for more exciting news: my giveaway is over, and the winner is...
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Sofia B.! Congratulations, Sofia! I have just sent an email to you, and you have 24h to respond before I pick another winner.

That's all for now!


11 comentarios:

  1. The nail art looks amazing! I love the glequin dots best! The colours, without a doubt looks fantastic together! ♥ And I don't even mind if you're going to feature it the 4th time either. This Kiko Amable Chartruese IS amazing!

  2. lol your comment about the cleaning lady made me laugh :P

    I love this mani, it really is a mood booster!

  3. I love this polish and I wouldn't mind seeing three more manis with it!!!
    And I totally love your gelquins too! Especially the framed nails!!
    Such perfection!!!

  4. So pretty - and congrats to the winner!

  5. Those are some pretty awesome nails :) loving the combination of colours and glequiness :)

    Congrats to the winner!

  6. OHHH!!! Congrats to the winner, Sofia ^_^
    Un color precioso ese verde, ahora me acaba de llegar un pistacho lindísimo muy ácido de Essie, qué ganas de hacer cositas con él. MUAK!

  7. Hello dear .. I am very happy to have won .. I have answered the message :)

    thank you

  8. The pink sequins look fantastic over the chartreuse green! Love this mani! :-)

    ~ Yun

  9. Maybe the cleaning lady was adoring your polishes and they ended up randomly next to each other? Mine are organized by color, but I still forget what I have.

    I really like the chartreuse color, I'm not sick of looking at it. It makes me want to get the OPI Who the Shrek are you? I have to say though you did a nice job placing all those sequins down in a nice arrangement... Wow!

  10. This mani is perfect, love those two colors together!

  11. Of course not! In fact, I love what you have just done to your nails here. They are so cute and unique. How I wish I could make some art on my own nails as well. How you just did that? You are very patient I supposed as this is not an easy task.


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