domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Let's stripe it!


I've been MIA, sucked by this amazing pastime called "Work". I'm talking about around 14h a day (1h30 of those for lunch-break) *sigh* 
So on Friday I was tired as hell, how suprising and unexpected is that, huh? Yeah, I'm such a whiny little thing...
On to the manicure now! I received my first striping tape, so I gave it some use. Pros and cons? PRO: it's not as sticky as tape, so you do not need to let your base dry for so long; do not fear to ruin it. I waited 20 minutes (aprox) and had not a single issue. CON: I had trouble obtaining straight lines, but I am sure it would have been easier if I had tried to make horizontal lines. In fact, I had so much trouble that I called for external help... Don't tell.
I used Barry M Pink Flamingo as a base, applied the striping tape and covered most of it with China Glaze First Mate, which is one of my faves of all times. I really don't know why: no shimmer, no spectacular color, no glitter, no nothing. Go figure.

BTW, if you have 5 minutes and would like to read a post that really moved me... go check Ana's: "My five year old likes to wear nail polish and I'm okay with that."

Keep it movin' ladies!

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  1. Pretty! Very sailorish, reminds me of MAC's new Hey Sailor collection! x

  2. Ooh that looks great! I love vertical striped manis ^^

  3. Oh I love it, so pretty. I'm sorry to hear you've been so busy with work, hope things calm down a bit for you soon.

  4. This looks awesome! I love stripes! :)

  5. Love this, great minds think alike..I just did vertical stripes the other day too :)

  6. First Mate is indeed an amazing color ! I bought it a couple days ago.
    Your mani looks really great :) Stripes are fun !

  7. Ah, sorry to hear about your work. Hope it gets a little better soon! Lovely mani, as usual! Love the stripes! <3

    ~ Yun

  8. nice mani! i really love the colors you used for the stripes, i'd totally love a blazer in these colors :D

  9. I have been sucked into that hobby called work at times--hope you get a break soon!

  10. ahhhh that is so amazing! it looks so cute and easy to do! :D -Loving Sunshine

  11. I have *got* to get myself some striping tape--these look fantastic!

    Just read the post you linked, and it was awesome. Sorry work's been such a bear!

  12. Neat! Looks like pillow candy or candy canes! I wonder what "external help" means?

  13. pls,what is the tape exactly called? I cant find it anywhere:(
    thank you

    1. It's called "striping tape" :) Type that on eBay and... enjoy! There's an infinity of it!


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