jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013

Glitter Sandwich! Glitter Bunny Rainbow Sprinkles

Hello there!

I took advantage of my day off yesterday and added some fun to my nails. This post features two firsts for me: first indie polish and first glitter sandwich. Bad blogger, bad polishaholic; I know. But mind you, it's not that I'm late, nah. It's that I take trends at my own pace...

What you're seeing here is a shitload of very well behaved coats:
We've got a base coat, 2 coats of Kiko Nude (what else?), 2 coats of thinned out Rainbow Sprinkles, 2 coats of a translucent Kiko meant for French manicures and one coat of INM Out the Door top coat. BAM! That's a serious nail shield.

And I will leave you with a Snooki gif that I love. Next time I'll get contemptuously asked "hey, what's that on your nails? (the crap is silent)" that's exactly what I'll do:
Take care,


15 comentarios:

  1. lol, the gif is moving in time with the music im playing (timberlakes new song) i also like the sandwich!

  2. Great post!


  3. LOL, you are so funny, both the description of your may coats and the gif :)

  4. HAHAHA LOOL I love the GIF even though I'm not fond of her.
    Really love this outcome. Looks so sweet, yet cool and fun!
    But you know what, you make me feel reallyyy bad! I don't own an indie polish and haven't done the glitter sandwich yet >///< waaah~

    1. Thanks, I think it's versatile too :) Awww I am sorry I didn't think someone would be even later than me!

  5. Yay your first indie! That's super exciting! It's a really pretty one... love the color combination of the glitters. :D

    ~ Yun

  6. Lol the GIF at the end! I love the shape of your nails xo

  7. Oh YUM!!! Lol!! This is freaking gorgeous lady!! I can't get over how amazing your nails always look!! :)

  8. It looks so beautiful on you!!! I love how soft you made the colors look with that translucent kiko

  9. Hahahahahhahahahaha!!! That GIF says it ALL!! I did a jelly sandwich nails before and a manicurist asked me what's on my nails - I had a hard time explaining to her what I used. LOL!!!

    Haha congrats on the firstssss!! Such a gorgeous glitter polish and beautiful jelly sandwich nails! :D Haven't done one in a long time, been thinking of doing it sometime soon! Hahaha!! Love the nails! ♥


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