jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Bohem sterling silver nails in Gothic Bullet. STAND OUT. SHOW OFF.


Today's theme is Balanced bold. Some time ago I accidentally met Bohem nails and stalked the site fell in love. I waited until my paycheck was cashed in and then couldn't refrain myself any longer, splurged and found myself with a pair of their sterling silver nails in "bullet" or "gothic bullet". First and foremost, just let me get this out: love their slogan. STAND OUT. SHOW OFF. Just... a huge yes.

Even with that, my first reaction was: meh. There was no indication of their length on Bohem's site (that's bad!) so I expected them to be way shorter. They felt so long compared to my natural nails that it just made my inner symmetry whore cringe. In fact, I had been doubting between the gothic bullet pair and the sterling silver elegant one, finally chosing the first in fear that elegance would make me file my claws. Nope.

Well, it was a sunk cost anyway so... I kept the pair in its amazing translucent packaging, in my nail station, and waited. Grew fonder. Tried them. Photoshooted them:
The sterling silver and the snake make for my badass big-mouthed side, the glitter sandwich for a more subdued and tame version of me. Discordia managed to behave herself and stood almost still which freaked me out a little. You probably can't tell but she was due a shed and her colors were way duller than usual... but nah, I won't go down that path 'cuz the probability that there's a snake lover among you is so slim it only has one side. If you're there though, I'd like to know :)

Those two pictures made their way to the Bohem contest; wish me luck!

What do you think?


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  1. Hello Gorgeous!!!!! (go away, i'm speaking with Discordia right now!)
    You're too beautiful and you grew so much!!! You hot lady you!
    Oh, there were nails in the poicture? I didn't notice... :-P
    nah, it's actually very pretty mani! I admit I am not crazy for the length difference, but it is actually a lot less drastic then you made me expect with all the details. Yeah that's a good thing ;-)
    All in all I like your mani, i think it works great with your theme and GOOD LUCK on the contest!!!

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeek!
    *wait up*
    Double eeeeeeeeeeek! Snake lover here!!!! OH yes, oh YES!
    Shed or no shed she's still a gorg beauty! :D
    As for your nails, yes, onto the nails ;) That gothic bullet is absolutely amazin'! STAND OUT. SHOW OFF. Me likey! And although I wouldn't expect it, it works great with the girly glitter sammiche you got - so double the points to you (I won't comment on the lenght difference - I'm a freak myself and it would make me cringe too, but hey! why do all nails need to be the same? Let 'em have some individual personality ;))

    1. Forgot to ask (duh!): how did you apply it and manage to make it stay put? ;)

  3. Lovely nails and lovely snake! I wish I could have a pet snake one day but they are illegal in my country :(

  4. I love that silver bullet nail!! lol, i'm chuckling here because in my sick medical mind 'silver bullet' means a depository... hahaha =)) Discordia got big!!! she's so beautiful!!!!

  5. The nail length difference is quite obvious, but it's probably cause you mentioned it and I'm looking for it. Otherwise, I think I may not have noticed. The silver nail is very edgy, I must say, and it looks great, especially with Discordia as a prop. :)

    ~ Yun

  6. Wow Discordia is growing - she is quite a "handful" LOL
    The silver bullet nail is really interesting to look at!

  7. My first thought was: IS THIS REAL??? O___O
    But I love the pictures, Discordia should come as a guest more often!
    The silver nails are sick! In a good way ;) I checked out Bohem's site and they do have awsome descriptions. I think if my nails are shorter I'd buy the silver nails too.

  8. I LOVE Discordia! You need to show he off more!

  9. Gorgeous manicure, especially loving how you're playing edgy against sweet to perfection... but enough about that, let's talk about how GORGEOUS Discordia is! <3

  10. Awww...the silver bullet nail is so cool. Love it! Great photos indeed!

  11. Ohh all the best for the contest! Those are killer pictures right there! I wonder if Discordia sense that you needed the pictures, and behaved so well! XD Love the mani, and those bullet sterlings are impressive! Love how it contrasts and balanced your personality! ♥

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