miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

OPI DS Mystery

Buenos días!
How’s this week going? It’s Wednesday already *dance* I just can’t believe it…
For this week I’ve decided to sport the second OPI Designer Series Jenni swapped me, DS Mystery. It’s perfect for fall/winter, it’s vampy and sexy (hello, complimenting myself here!) and quite changing depending on the lightning.

It’s given me a hard time capturing its beauty. It happens to be less dark in some lights, leaning a tad more to a darkened burgundy. The base is (surprisingly) a nearly-black blue, filled with burgundy-brown and copper flakies that totally cover up the base. They have no problem shining; they’re proud but not loud. They are visible enough to evidence it’s not a dull black polish, and that’s what makes this polish on the edge of work-safe and super flattering for a suited up woman, IMO.
I spent a couple of seconds doubting about having this on my nails for a full week at work, considering it might be too dark to please some conservative pupils of this office I work in… And then remembered Chanel featured nothing less than black polish in some of its advertisements (take a look at http://fabricmag.com/fabric-magazine-models/malgosia-bela-for-chanel-beauty/) and went for it. I haven’t had second thoughts since then; it felt only classy to me.
So I am thinking maybe we nail polish lovers end up losing the sight of what is edgy and what isn’t, just because there’s nothing (or almost nothing) we wouldn’t wear. And more so when even the more “conservative” bloggers color-wise can’t help but be astonished by some totally unconventional and non work-safe colors. So I have decided to worry less about what’s on my nails, starting on January 2013, and enjoy every color by making it classy. Boss displeased? No wonder he’ll let me know. And problem solved.

Would you dare this at work? Are you allowed to wear anything you like?


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  1. Applause!! Applause!! YAY!! I totally vote for wearing anything for work and just be aware of people's reactions!

    This polish looks gorgeous and classy on you! Any chance of getting a suited picture of you with this polish on? ;-)

    1. Hahaha! It's unlikely that I'll post a picture of me at all, except for holidays! So I don't think so, really :p I might be more shy than I look like!

  2. Gorgeous color! I'm with Jin, you should be able to wear what you want for work. I'm so glad that my job doesn't really care what I wear.

    1. That must be heaven! I'm on the look for a job like that!

  3. This is very vampy indeed and I love it! Burgundy is a must have color this period...I want this too :))

  4. Beautiful color on you! Love the shimmers in it! :-)
    I think you should wear whatever you want to work. If people are offended, they can always let you know or advert their eyes. :D

    ~ Yun

  5. OOOhhh so this is what it looks like! I bought two of these, one for you and one for me, and I have yet to wear it!! It's gorgeous! I can't wear this to work, I work in a hosptial so it is more conservative than an office... I would think anyways. But hey more power to you. If there is no written policy then I think you have more wiggle room with work attire. Jan. 2013.. wow I can't believe how close we are.


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