domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

Astor Green Forest + Essence Confetti Circus + Matte

Hi there!

Yesterday was such a great day! One of my friends turns a year wiser tomorrow and had planned on doing something special and different than our oh-so-cozy meeting for coffee, chocolate and cake or its night version with dinner and drinks. So we all went a little out of our comfort box and... had a Tuppersex! Only girls, and focused on playing in couple.

I thought I would need something bright and bold on my nails, so I applied two coats of Astor Laque Deluxe in Forest Green. 

Now, I have mixed feelings towards this polish: the brush really sucks, and the formula is slightly thicker than it should be. But nothing major. On the other side, it's a one coater and dries amazingly fast! And the colour... Watcha say? 

I then added one coat of Essence Circus Confetti + a coat of SV.

Look at that in the sun!

Last touch: 1 coat of mattifier. Voilà!

I agree with you, the matte effect is not that visible. This mattifier from Fairwind seems to be a little shy, but it's okay with me for I'm initiating to the matte world.

The Tuppersex was so much fun! We spent almost 3 hours genuinely laughing and each one of us bought at least two things! I totally recommend this if you want to have fun and are new to the world of sex toys & co. We had a session for beginners, but it is possible to have a much more “pro” counsel, depending on how adventurous you are ;)

Take care =)

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  1. That's a gorgeous green! And I learned something today--I hadn't heard the word "Tuppersex" before; they're just called "sex toy parties" here as far as I know. :)

    1. Thanks Karen :)

      Here it's called Tuppersex because it imitates the way the brand Tupperware went famous in the fifties: a salesperson comes to your house (where you are hosting a little "party") and explains how everything works.

      Sex toy parties may be a little more aggressive ;) But it's good to know!

  2. That's a gorgeous green and it looks lovely on your skin tone! <3

    ~ Yun

  3. Never seen a green like this one...NICE! Great mani!

  4. Essence Circus Confetti looks soooo nice


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