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My Louboutin stilettos - Rouge Louboutin or the ultimate nail polish luxury

Hey you!

I am a fan of Mr. Louboutin's work, though usually from an artistic point of view. His heels designs are beautiful and glamorous and almost always synonym of a broken ankle to me. I love them from afar nevertheless.

So when the news came out that Louboutin would make nail polish I just thought MEH. Then I saw the pictures of the packaging and it was a whole other story. The packaging, my darlings, is killing my sensible heart and eyes. It may be the best product packaging I've seen in my whole life, maybe the forms and colors he's used are very appealing to me, maybe it's just objectively beautiful. I don't know, and I don't care. I just needed this to be the jewel of my nail polish collection... and a couple of days and Eur. 57 later, it is!

I always said I'd swatch this baby once and then leave it lead its magnificent legacy, reigning over all the other bottles in my stash, and it will not be hard to keep my word.
The color is gorgeous, and almost a one coater. Formula is bliss. I guess short nails would be fine with just one coat of this red liquid, but my stilettos needed two. Even then, there's a tiny teeny bit on VNL showing, but not enough to bother me.

What did bother me was the wand. It is probably meant to imitate Chinese and Japanese ink painting brushes, and I can tell some thought has been put into it because the weigh is quite well compensated at the beginning and the end. BUT if I may have one suggestion for Louboutin's thinking team, in all my humility and nothingness, it would be: please, get us some detachable caps. Some other brands do, and it's really for the best.

It may be just me, but this long and heavy wand made the process of painting my nails quite hard. I haven't been reading this on other nail blogs and I didn't expect it to be this way but... it was. I did a mess on my left hand like I hadn't done in... years, maybe? Clean up sorted it all, no probs. But I'd rather not do clean up, if I can help it.
All in all, I'm 150% happy to have splurged with this, because I know I will visually enjoy seeing this around for all eternity. I will have it in a shelf in my office, where I spend most of my time, because I think it will be THE statement piece to define me. I may also get a couple of the Noirs/Pops so it isn't that lonely... we'll see about that!

I bought this off of Louboutin's website and it took just 2 days to reach me from Italy, in a very thoughtful package. I was marvelled by the whole thing. What about you?

Be fierce,


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  1. I was wondering if they were worth the hype.. now I think the bottle is worth the hype- lol! Im gonna get one, you convinced me hehehe
    Following you now!

    1. It's a lot of money, but I a, definitely in love with it! If you get it, I hope you'll like it as much as I do! Thank you, Pamela! :)

  2. Wowowow i cant believe you bought this! I would pove to splurge on them but i know that coupd never happen :( its beautiful!

    1. Thank you! It is :D Maybe in a little time you'll be able to snag it? If not... it's just a bottle of polish ;)

  3. I am so jealous right now xD
    It's the most beautiful packaging I've ever seen and it does represent the brand Louboutin so well! But the price is still very high, even for a high brand polish -.- Well, I guess if I wouldn't have spend my money for my summer vacation already I might have bought it too xD haha So agree with you on the detachable cap! I'd prefer one too and it's not like it's hard to make anyway.
    The red itself is very pretty too but I think also easily dupeable. Oh and I looove your nail shape *___* Also fits perfectly to this polish hihi

    1. Ohhh Anhy, don't be! It's better to spend your money on vacations than on polish, sometimes! Detachable cap is a must though, maybe you can wait for a second edition with a nicer cap? ;) Our claim will be heard, girl!
      The red is nothing special, but I am not a fan of reds anyways... The formula is great though, but I admit I bought the thing for the packaging, no shame.

      Thank you for your comment, darling :)

  4. Respuestas
    1. then do get it :) this is the ultimate nail porn, don't you think?

  5. Oh my gosh, what a bottle and what a statement it makes on the shelf! :D I saw a display of these at the store last weekend next to the Louboutin shoes and they definitely caught my attention. By the way, red looks amazingly good on your nail shape!

    ~ Yun

  6. They are nice!


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