jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Long time no see..!

Hey there!

How is everyone doing? :) Have I missed much while I was away? I am sure I have, polish trends come and go so fast that a gazillion of 'em have vanished already... I will be all the more surprised when I get back to checking blogs, so it may have been for the better?

For me, nothing has really changed yet everything is new. I needed a time off the blog, off nails, off polish... So much so that I barely have anything to show. Boring! And I get the feeling that I won't post as much. I need to get the mojo slowly back, you know? 

So here's a little something for you, the best I could find in my archives of the past two months (!), a simple color block done with a Lola Make Up polish called Neptune...
So yeah, I just wanted to let you all know I am not dead (yet) and don't plan to be any time soon :) I'll see you around!

Take care,


12 comentarios:

  1. Happy to read a new post from you. And take your time, we'll wait. :)

  2. Glad to hear from you, I was worried already :D Hope you're doing great so far.
    Neptune is a beautiful polish and the name is just perfect for this nautical color. I also love the negative spaces (as far as I can tell at least)! That trend startet somewhen last year and is really huge lately haha Even though you're away you're still up to date with your nails ^.~

  3. Cute nails! It's fun to take a break... I'm on one myself and I'm totally enjoying all the free time hehe. I don't think you've missed too much. No new trends I'm aware of; I still see textures every where. :D

    ~ Yun

  4. Hey, I am happy to read your post and the fact that you needed just some time off from blogging and manicures. I know the feeling :) I am anxious to sea your new manicures, even if you won't post so often!
    You changed your nail shape, very edgy looking one, like the color block's too!
    Have a relaxing weekend!

  5. Se te echa de menos, pero es bueno saber que no andas tan lejos. Por supuesto, tómate todo el tiempo que necesites. Al fin y al cabo es tu tiempo ;-)

  6. At least I'm not alone in not being updated with the latest in the nail world! Feeld kind of good to have some company. ;D

    Did you receive my package yet by the way?

  7. WELCOME BACK!!!!! I missed you so much <3
    Well, since we're talking about breaks, i'm on one now too - sorta ;)
    This mani is so cute even though its to simple. I totally love the randomness of those blocks!
    Well, i'm so glad you're back, as much as you do get to post!

  8. Aw, HELLO!!!! *big waves!* I think everyone needs a break from blogging from time to time. Yeap, the polish world still big on texture polish nails. But I do love some taupes shades from OPI Brazil Collection! Oh, piCture pOlish recently released a fabulous collection of polish, multichrome with black base and their signature scattered holo-goodness! You might wanna check out those swatches! Really something! I'm loving Illusionist and Gravity! Don't forget to check out Aurora too if you are at it hehe ;) Hope you have a wonderful break and much needed rest! :)
    And I love, love, love, the blocks! Especially the play with negative spaces. Been wanting to try that, but never quite succeed. Lols. My lines always end up so... linear spaced =.=! Anyway, glad to see you here again! ♥

  9. Hey hey! Good to see you back :) I love this striped mani!

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