martes, 15 de octubre de 2013

Mish Mash Challenge - Flowers. Sort of.

Hello there ladies & ladiezzz!

So this one will be my first cheat of the Mish Mash challenge, and I am making it official and all. Flowers? I had never realised this but I don't really like flowers. I have no flower dress, I have but few flower patterned household items and I can only draw one flower on my nails: roses. And guess what? Not even all roses, but one specific sort... vintage. Fuck me. I drew flames and now all I can draw is flames. Hee hee! At least I can still play on words, I'll check that!

So for today I decided to just doodle something kind of on the verge of flower-y, for it was either that or skipping the week. And that's what I came up with:
Nah, I am not even ashamed of myself. I'll be honest though, not even I can see flowers in there. Maybe it's because I've looked so close into it that I've lost all perspective? 

I've used: Kiko Nude as a base, then one coat of Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler [thank you, Lisa <3] and one coat of a translucent nude by Kiko. When all was dry I freehanded the pattern without putting too much thought into it [see pinky]. Tada!

Yeah... I chopped those talons. It's hard, but I'm doing okay *irony* I just can't wait until I can make them pointy again!

Take care,


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  1. Haha even if this isn't a flower mani, it's still gorgeous! Really love the colors you put together! :)

    ~ Yun

  2. Well, honestly I can't really see flowers too xD Nevertheless, it's a pretty nail art that I really do enjoy! Don't know why but it reminds me of Bollywood haha Something you'd see in a BW Movie. And yaaay KIKO's nude :D I've become a huge fan of that polish as well! It's so versatitle *_*

  3. LMAO! God, you are so much fun to read. Yeah, flowers kinda escape me, too. But the pattern you crafted here?!?! OMG. Crazy gorgeous, M. If that can be considered a floral (I think you're stretching it, babe. just putting that out there. LOL.), then I'm seriously into floral, cause that's some delightful freehand

    The RH and Kiko make for a cute couple, which reminds me: Kiko is an insanely wonderful formula. Consistent from bottle to bottle. Thank you!

    Still haven't gotten the box out to you. Need to knock myself upside the head, and go, "Lisa, yo....get with the program, girlfriend." My inner self is a smartass, in case you haven't caught on. Today, I asked The Husband if he could mail it for me on Saturday. He said, "Sure." Now, why didn't I think of that earlier? (rolling eyes in NY).

    Great mani, M! :)

  4. Pues te quedo bello!! Yo tampoco soy mucho de flores, se me hacen super cursis!! jaja
    Beso Mati! Lamento lo de tus uñas, pero tambien lucen lindas así de cortas, y si te sirve de consuelo, recuerda que crecen más rápido que el cabello!!!

  5. Hum, hum, flower, there, hum, hum, yes, well almost ;)
    It's a beautiful mani, flowers or not :)

  6. hmmmmm.... flowers flowers flowers (keep saying it and few minutes later this pattern
    gets more flower-y! ^^).

    Love your notes haha <3

  7. The intricate pattern you've gone with is beautiful, especially over the pretty speckled polish!

  8. I'm with ya, I don't see flowers, but your mani is still very pretty :)

  9. Me ha gustado tu manicura florida, vamos, la veo original, y si que veo flores en ella. Me encanta el color de base, buelo, los dos esmaltes que has mezclado, y el dibujo que has hecho con tanta delicadeza. Hacía un montón que no me pasaba por aquí, por cierto!

  10. Not flowery but they still look awesome! That glitter is faaab and those patterns are really pretty =)

  11. You win the prize for "Most Opposite of this Week's Theme"!!! LOL

    It's a great lace pattern though and your freehand art is fantastic!!!

  12. Who cares about flowers after they see this? I think this is fabulous regardless! It looks like... royal! Like crowns! I love it. Amazing freehand, nicely done.

  13. When you look at an abstract painting you can see everything! Soooo some people might see flowers in here! ;)
    I see laces and I like them!

  14. They're like embroidered work and we'll leave it at that, because it's pretty nonetheless, alright? ;) Alright!
    As for your nails I think they'll grow fast, although, if you're anything like me, you won't notice - I never seem to notice mine growing and after I broke that damned one I still look at them and all I see are puny nails - bah!
    Don't be sad though and keep making purrty manis :D

  15. LOL! Hey don't feel bad I don't do flower manis either. I've always wanted to but then when it came to this prompt I was all like "I HATE FLOWERS" x.x haha! It's still a very beautiful mani lady!! :)

  16. Gorgeous design M! Although they mite be lacking slightly in the floral department your freehand design is really beautiful :)

  17. Beautiful nails! I like the base color :D

  18. Hahaha!! I think they could pass as doily flowers! I do see petals! ;) And leaf on pinky! *wink wink* Oh, speedy growth to your nails! I miss em being pointy! I don't want to be mean... but you look so tame with non-pointy, I'm not so used to it XD Btw, I do love the base you used for this nail art! Very pretty :)


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