domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

Pupa Holographic 033 + Snake update

Hello there!

Only one week before Christmas, YAY! My mood was so light and clear last weekend that I decided to wear a holo in winter. See, you always have to be optimistic. And besides it was a sunny day, and the cold cold winter has not yet arrived in the fantabulous city of Barcelona. If it ever arrives, that is... 

So here's Pupa Holographic polish in nº 033, that Jinny Jin sent me on a swap some time ago:
Even if the sun was there like the public service it is (Mafalda, anyone?) it wasn't the bright sun I am accustomed to, and all the holo goodness of this little Pupa did not shine it all its splendeur. As a compensation, I did some nail art over it; breaking all the precedents, I did different stuff in my right and left hand, so there will be two more installments featuring this Pupa. I hope it sounds good :)

Non polish-wise, I HAD to update you on how I decorated Discordia's viv, which I consider pretty much finished now:
So I changed the nasty background that came with the viv, a brownish stone-like polystyrene shit, and replaced it by this landscape that reminds me of Gladiator. Add Buddha and some ivy, and you'll get a much cooler stuff to have in your studio. 

Discordia seems happier than before, she's often out and about exploring, and even spying on me I would say :p

I'd love to read your thoughts on all this :)


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  1. totalmente fan de tus uñas, siempre perfectas. Y el holografico es una pasada.

    un besín

  2. The number of the Pupa is wrong ;-)
    Look on the sticker that is on the back side of the bottle where the bar code is. There's one 4 digit number in thin font and then one 3 digit number in bold. That's the right number. And I think this one is 033 ;-))
    And it looks amazing on you and I can't wait to see your nail art with it!!!

    And Discordia is super gorgeous! I'm so happy to hear she's happier :-D
    And I love that peaceful Buddha scene. Just a question though: isn't Ivy poisonous? I know that it is for some creatures...

    1. Lady you got that right! I edited the post accordingly :) Thank you!

      Ivy might be poisonous, but this one ain't for sure because it's fake. 100% silk for the leaves, the rest is plastic. It's absolutely un-recommended to have anything organic in there unless it has been treated. So most of us choose to have fake plants we can clean every once in a while :)

  3. Lovely polish! Holos are just so pretty.
    I skipped over the snake stuff, I am absolutely terrified of them lol.

    1. Thanks! Haha, it's okay! That's why I warn there's going to be snake related chat :)

  4. What a pretty holo! I'm sorry the sun wasn't completely cooperative for you. The buddha statue in Discordia's terrarium made me laugh a little. It's beautiful and reminds me of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (even though that was Kali, not Buddha. Same country, though). It sounds like she's enjoying her new digs, too.

    1. Kali was one of the options, but I found Buddha and I fell in love with the statue :)

  5. What a gorgeous polish!
    It's nice that Discordia liked the changes :)

  6. So pretty! The blue tone is beautiful and the holographic effect is stunning! :-)
    So sweet of you to redecorate Discordia's home. Yay for her enjoying her new space!

    ~ Yun

  7. Beware of corn snake, love that sign! Your terrarium looks very nice. Discordia should be very happy in her home, I hope! The budda statue is a nice touch.


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