viernes, 6 de julio de 2012

My stash.

Hey there,

Thank. God. It's. FRIDAY.

So, in order to welcome this weekend where I'll have to work from home and take a legal english exam (nay...) and get to sleep some more than usual, be with The Boyfriend and do my nails (yay!) I wanted to show you how I order my stuff.

Now, I don't know what volume of polish you expected, and it's really a tiny collection compared with the amazing stashes I've gotten to see through the net. It's all I have for now, and I amb happy to say I am no longer in a crave for buying new polish, so the family is not growing as fast as it once did.

Those are my 140 bottles of pleasure:
I store them in those two nail polish racks I bough off eBay which are supposed to hold 50 bottles each, but as you see hold at least 20 more each. I try that the polishes follow a chromatic order (does that make sense?) but it's not always easy. I think I managed pretty well overall.

Then those are my nail art things:
As I said, I'm not all crazy for trying new polishes all the time anymore; I discovered I can play with the colors, textures and I love it. It's my time for being creative and express my mood and personality, a time that I take for myself and that is gratifying every time I take a look at my hands. It makes me feel good.

So at the top there are some studs and chains, some decorative fruits (never used), some reinforcement stickers and water decals (in the little pot which is actually an eye cream pot), some stickers and rhinestones and a whole lot of french manicure and chevron guides (those are essential). In the middle you can find my dotting tools, nail stickers of various brands and nail art brushes. And at the bottom we have the striping tape, glitter and glitter stars, the one magnet that I own and finally my make up sponges.

Then I have the stamping bazar:
So here I have the cheap and heavy pigmented polishes I use for stamping, some Konad plates and the second release of the Bundle Monster plates. Not much.

And lastly, the stuff I don't use and thinner. Some nail wheels, some base coats, top coats, empty bottles, false nails, spare nail files and cuticle removers. All that crap I can't throw away just in case I might need it. And after all, when I need it, I don't even remember that it's in there, and I buy it anew. So this bag keeps growing bigger and bigger. C'est la vie.
Well that's all. Let me know what you think, you curious creatures!

Have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. i love your collection! i think larger stashes can be really overwhelming :/ once i go through my untrieds, i plan to pare down and keep only the polishes that i can't live without (:

  2. I like to see a well loved stash! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I agree with you. It is easy to go insane trying to purchase hundreds of polishes, but who has the time to wear them all? Plus if you have a healthy stash, which you do, you can recreate a lot of what you see that is out there. I'm at a slowing point too, at a little over 200 bottles. July is going to be a no-buy month for me. Good luck on your legal exam!!!

  4. very nice!!! I like the polish holder!!

  5. nice! i have to think of a creative way of stashing nail polish too! i hope i find something similar to yours -Loving Sunshine

  6. I think we have a similar sized collection, just the right size ;) I like the way you display yours, mine are just in a big see through box hahah. I think you'll do great in the exam!

  7. we have around the same amount of stash=] I keep mine separated in old birchbox boxes in a desser drawer (it's a really wide dresser lol)

    btw, I just gave you a Liebster award on my blog!

  8. umm... I will shamefully admit that I got to about 420 polishes this week and I still have such bad cravings for some things I still don't own...
    But I like to see how people organize their stuff! Chromatic order makes perfect sense and I so try to do it too but it's so hard to keep.....

    btw, what is the height of the polishes at the top of your rack? I would love to get me such racks but I would like to keep them inside a drawer so I wonder if it can fit in...

  9. Nice stash! I love seeing how other people store their polishes. Mine is currently just in a drawer, but as I get more, I'll need to think of a better place to put them. :-)

    ~ Yun

  10. Hola! Tienes un premio en mi blog,pasate cuando puedas :P

  11. Your collection makes me jealous! I really need to buy some nail polish racks as my little draw for polishes is beginning to not close anymore!


  12. I love seeing your collection! Though I have a huge stash right now, I can appreciate the beauty of a smaller one--and even think I might get back there myself one day after I satisfy my need to compare all the things!


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