sábado, 23 de junio de 2012

Going nude in Dior

Hi there!

I hope your weekend is being amazingly good! Here's the manicure I'm currently wearing. Yup, a good girl's manicure. I really love to go back to basics sometime. Please welcome Dior Ivoire (3 coats).
 To be honest that was not what I had planned when waking up this morning, but I guess I really needed a palette cleanser after all, for I've been enjoying this mani all day long. I didn't even add funky french tips. Refreshing :)
I'm thinking on making an entry on my stash and how I order things, for I am moving out next month and I think it would be a great moment for it, but that will only happen if the señoritas out there who take their time to drop by and read those lines are interested in such a post. 

I also have some bottles of polish I know I won't use anymore, somme Anny, Kiko, Sinful Colors... Do you have an idea of what I should/could do with them? What do you do when you have polishes that don't suit you for whatever reason?

Let me know your tips and thoughts :)

Keep it up!

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  1. Oh ah! Definitely a good girl's mani. But it actually looks good on you, and I think that Dior, after all is a Dior, and it deserves the respect.

    Oh yes, I would LOVE to see how you manage your stash! I always take ideas from a post like that!!
    And as for the polishes you won't wear - do a blog sale!

  2. Very clean and nice! I like plain manicures a lot, and I don't think they are boring in the least. They have a purpose and beauty in their own right. I'm thinking of having a blog sale to reduce my stash.

  3. Pretty and definitely refreshing! Sometimes it's a wonderful feeling to go back to the basics! :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. This looks so good on your nails! So clean, I love it :) I'd be interested in seeing a organisation of your stash post, everyone does it differently so I like seeing it :)

  5. I love these type of palette cleansers from time to time. They look so simple and clean. And I'd love to see a post about your stash! :)

  6. What a gorgeous colour! Sometimes it's really refreshing to wear something pale on your nails.
    Definite yes to seeing your stash. I love getting to see how other people organise their polishes. :) As for the polishes you don't want any more, how about doing a blog sale?

  7. I like a nice palette cleanser every now and again and this one is beautiful :)

  8. Your nails are beautifully shaped, love them...and now and than a natural looking nail is a must!
    I usually mix my polishes if I don't like a color... sometime it comes out a good colored polish and sometimes I have to trough it away because it looks horrible.

  9. oh this is so sweet:-)!!
    and i totally love your nails... i also like this look, or such type of mani, but my nails are usualy too long to wear this:(((

    As for the polishes i dont use, i m not sure... as for those i know someone of my friends is extremely interested in and i dont use it, i just give it to them. as for the rest, i dont know, i keep it and when the conzistency seems odd, i throw it away. If in the meantime someone who is extremely interested in a piece, then i get back to point 1) and i give it to the person:-)

  10. I love your cool & stylish nail creations, but you're totally right--sometimes simple and sweet is very refreshing. :)

    Hope you enjoy the new place! Hm, with the polishes you aren't going to wear, having a go at some frankens sounds like a fun idea if you don't have someone you know who might want to give them a home. Or you might put them up and see if anyone wants to do a swap?


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